the things I do for food…

I was making some zucchini fritters using garden-fresh zucchini (yay, I grew something!) when I burned the tip of my right ring finger. Not a bad burn by any stretch, but it’s right on the tip and hurts! Hooray for naproxin (which, by the way, is *ahem* not available OTC in Canada).

Anyway. It appears I can crochet no problem, but knitting might be a bit tricky, at least for a day or two. It’s probably a good thing – I can get some work done on that crocheted skirt which has been sitting around!

Stay tuned.






3 responses to “the things I do for food…”

  1. Jo Avatar

    Ouch – hope it heals soon! I burned my index finger with hot coffee a few years back and the emergency room gave me 12 pills of vicodin. I remember thinking at the time, “Is this really necessary?”

  2. Kristin Avatar

    Hope it doesn’t leave a scar! I have two toaster oven-related scars on my hand. Very embarassing. Hope you can get back to knitting soon!

  3. Suzanne V. (Yarnhog) Avatar

    Oh, no! I live in fear of injuries that might interfere with knitting.

    Since we’re sharing cooking injuries, a couple of years ago, I sliced my pinky to the bone opening a pull-top can of Progresso. Those suckers are dangerous!

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