the quilting bug

I made a pieced quilt in high school – it had a tree on it, made from half square triangles and big solid blocks. Machine pieced, machine quilted (stitched in the ditch). I was doing a lot more sewing back then, including bags and skirts. Not that I knew what I was doing, far from it. I really think sometimes I’m just not precise enough for sewing, which is why knitting is so great for me!

With the spring weather coming (eventually, anyway), I really need some lighter covers for the bed. I can’t really sleep under just a sheet, but even my lightest duvet is too warm and too big! I’ve been thinking about a whole-cloth quilt for ages, so last week I finally went down to the Workroom on Queen West, and picked up some supplies.

My boyfriend and I use separate duvets for sleeping (like this) so I don’t need a full width cover. I just went with 2m of regular 45″ wide quilting cotton and trimmed the batting and backing to fit. For the backing, I’m using a duvet cover from Ikea that doesn’t actually fit any of our duvets!

I think I might be more about the process of actually quilting, rather than piecing and making an intricate quilt top (although who knows, that might come later). The fabric I picked is actually perfect for some easy quilting because it has lines on it! I’m just hand stitching along the diagonals. I think it’s going to be great, and I’m really enjoying having something other than knitting to work on in the evenings.

my second quilt ever

My stitches aren’t perfect and I’m sure I’ll mess up somewhere along the way. I’m okay with that.







2 responses to “the quilting bug”

  1. Seanna Lea Avatar

    It almost looks like you are doing sashiko as your quilting. Lovely!

  2. Carie Avatar

    It only took me a few moments after I finished the binding on my first quilt to realise that I was hooked, and now we have more quilts than people (and our lives are warmer for it)!

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