the haul

So. The important stuff – what did I get from the Frolic? Let’s start with the non-yarn..

An awesome silk tote bag from the gals at The Knit Cafe:

silk tote bag

Two new shawl/sweater sticks from that dude that carves the Tagua buttons:

shawl sticks

From the Black Lamb, a bag of merino/seacell pindrafted roving and a bunch of batts (I love those batts).



Onto yarn, a bag of Estelle 100% silk from RedBirdKnits. I’m thinking just a simple zip cardi. (Look how nice the colour photographs in that bag.)

estelle silk

From Pick Up Sticks, a pair of sock blockers (size medium) and a skein of deepest blue Mini Maiden – 50% wool, 50% silk, 500 m. Maybe a shawl, maybe a top.

stuff from connie

From Village Yarns, a skein of Blue Heron Rayon Metallic. It’s 550 yards/8 oz, and I’ve already got a smashing idea (and not-so-smashing sketch) for it!

rayon metallic

From Shelridge Farm, a couple skeins of W4 in a chocolate brown, for the treeline stripe cardi from purl bee..


And last but not least, the haul from GoodBuyYarn (they had great stuff this year!): Twilleys Denim Freedom for a skirt, the red is GGH Safari for a tank (I’m thinking the Roundabout one from Knitting Nature). The bling yarn is called Tai, for the hairpin lace skirt. Shouts to Mrs. Peeps for helping with choosing that one.

from goodbuyyarn

Whew. Imagine what kind of damage I could’ve done had I the entire day to shop! Have I mentioned lately that I love yarn?

Before I can play, though, those pesky exams. Anyone want to go drinking on Friday night?






16 responses to “the haul”

  1. frecklegirl jess Avatar

    Wow- nice haul! :)

    I love those batts- gorgeous.

  2. Asaknitter Avatar

    Wow, what a great stash! I’m drooling.

  3. Wanda Avatar

    You definitely picked up some lovelies. I’m good for a drink on Friday, but I’m in the States, sorry! Good luck on your finals. I’m stressing over my final paper due tomorrow!

  4. Andrea Avatar

    I think you bought more than I did. I feel better now.

    I’m envying your sock blockers. Should have bought some.

  5. Jen Avatar

    What a haul!!

  6. Josie Avatar

    Love that Estelle yarn! I can’t wait to see what it grows up to be. Maybe next year I’ll get to the Frolic in person, but for now, I’m having fun seeing what everyone else bought.

    Good luck on those exams!

  7. amyknitty Avatar

    oh, i’ve got a few of those Blue Heron rayon skeins in my stash — can’t wait to see what you’re going to do with yours so i can figure out what to do with mine! :-)

  8. Susan Avatar

    Did you happen to get a card from the man that made the shawl/sweater sticks? I wanted to buy a nostepinne (Scandinavian winding stick) from him but forgot to get back to his booth to pick it up. Tks

  9. Suzanne Avatar

    Wow! I’ve never been on such a yarn binge in my life! I’m torn between envy and admiration. About that Estelle–lovely yarn, and I would definitely use it again, but if you haven’t used it before, be warned that it stretches a great deal in the length when worn, drawing the width in significantly. At least it did for me. I ended up with a piece four inches longer and almost four inches narrower as worn than as knitted. Admittedly, I used an eyelet pattern, which may not be the best choice for a heavy yarn; the stretching would probably not be as dramatic in plain stockinette.

  10. Rain Avatar

    Holy Crap!! That’s a lot of yarn!
    I’m SO jealous. Heh.
    Nice haul you’ve got there ;o)

  11. Leigh Avatar

    All I can say is WOW!

  12. Dr. Steph Avatar

    I would *love* to go drinking. But I have to mark pesky exams.

  13. Debbie Avatar

    Hi Laura!

    The “haul” is amazingly impressive!!! Can’t wait to see the finished projects :-)

    Happy Knitting!

  14. sari Avatar

    blue heron rayon metallic knits up so nice and soft and shiny, good choice! :) its such a pretty color too.

  15. Kelly Avatar

    Damn fine haul! Kudos! I only had 1.5 hours at the Frolic which I had only got because I ducked out of a conference early, and it was no where near enough time to do much damage!

    PS I wish I’d seen the note about the drinks on Friday night earlier (it’s Sunday now) ’cause that would have been a “hell, yes!”…

  16. Lee Avatar

    Do you have a website or address for the man/dude who makes the beautiful wood shawl pins ? Thank you

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