the blahs

I am bored with my sweater (the cabled top-down raglan). That’s probably why it’s been a WIP for so long. I also don’t want to rip and make something else…but I’m just not that thrilled about it. Well, I’m gonna work on the sleeve tonight and seehow much I can get done – if it goes quickly, then it’s all good and I’ll just sort of blast through the rest (the two sleeves and I need to do something with the neck).

I still haven’t started Christmas knitting. Thing is, I’m just so unsure as to what I’m doing…for instance, I would have started with the scarf for my cousin L., but I can’t decide whether I want to use Classic Wool (and if so, what colour – black or something else?) or maybe splurging on some Manos. I mean, she has come to visit me at the store more than once and shows a lot of interest in my knitting – I know she’d appreciate it. Okay, I just talked myself into buying some Manos for her. But I’ll wait until November. I’m really trying to not spend any more money through the end of the month, EXCEPT for a set of Brittany double points, whenever they come in.

Today I had my first drum lesson, with James. So now I’ve got a practice pad and a pair of drumsticks to practice rudiments with – it’s definitely a challenge to get things even between the two hands. I suppose it’s just practice, practice!






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