I just finished binding off the collar of my black Terra sweater – the one I didn’t manage to finish before heading off to Boston.

almost-boston sweater

I love it so much! It still needs a gooooood washing/blocking (the black came off a bit on my hands and needles), and when it hits the water it’ll relax a bit as well. I did a couple of additional hip increases on this one, so it actually fits over my beer-and-cheese belly without stretching out over the back.

almost-boston sweater

More notes and finished photos once I’ve done a load of sweater laundry.

11 Responses to “the almost-boston sweater”

  1. Wendolene

    I can’t wait to see the post-wash pictures! Out of curiosity, how do you wash your sweaters? I have yet to perfect that process.

  2. Tiffany

    Your sweater is so beautiful–I can’t wait to see it after its bath!
    Thank you so much for your positive and encouraging words! I will definitely stick with and hopefully something good will come out of my knitting endeavors soon.


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