that ADD thing

Despite the fact that I have a million projects on the needles, many with a rapidly approaching deadling, all I want to do is cast on for a shawl out of my handspun. But, I resist.

Behold, progress on the Koigu skirt – there was this

and then this:

Now I’ve just got to do it again, plus a waistband, plus a bottom border, plus weaving in a million ends. Getting there!

I’ve been working a bit on bpt – I want to hurry up and wear it, because I’m cold!

And speaking of the projects with a deadline…some hp progress.






4 responses to “that ADD thing”

  1. Briana Avatar

    Maybe it’s just due to the photos, but it looks like the Koigu skirt and the kneesocks will be a good match!

  2. Julia Avatar

    I *love* your BPT. That is going to be one cozy and cute sweater!

  3. Jill Avatar

    I’m excited to see the finished skirt…I think it is going to look fantastic!

  4. Wanda Avatar

    I can’t wait to see the finished skirt. That is one of the few knitted skirts that I actually like and I love the colors you used for it. The BPT is progressing along nicely. You’ll soon have a finished knit there.

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