take it off my hands, part IV – the yarn one

Holy comments, Batman! Awesome. I knew that’d bring out the lurkers ;)

So, without further ado, the winners:

Twinkle’s Weekend Knits – Jeanine
Classic Knits at Home – Michelle

Winners have been emailed. I felt bad I couldn’t give books to everyone!

So up next… a rather large yarn destash. Prices are in USD or CDN (they’re close enough anyway) and include shipping to Canada and the US. If you’re international, let me know and I’ll amend the price. Payment by Paypal, balance transfer or credit cards – and please don’t send money until I’ve confirmed. Please, help me make room!

Visit my destashing page!

Finally, since every blog entry needs a photo (well, not really, but whatever), my finished Manos Silk cardigan body. Any ideas for names?

manos silk body

This took a bit under four skeins, so I think I’m on track to use just 7 skeins for the whole sweater!

P.S. Insidious spammers have somehow hacked in and may be putting in horrible filthy links at the bottom of my posts, as read in blog readers (but not on the blog page itself, weirdly). Any ideas on how to stop them? Please let me know if you see anything off! I’ve deleted some stuff already, and it doesn’t show up in the RSS feed anymore, but Bloglines may not have updated yet. Argh.



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21 responses to “take it off my hands, part IV – the yarn one”

  1. Dani Avatar

    Gorgeous knit! I’m been eyeing up the new manos at the store I work at, and have been wondering what to make :) When I first saw it, I thought Trellis, Vines, Keltic, sandskrit – Just throwing out a few random thoughts at you!

  2. jess Avatar

    I’m loving that cable!

    [I don’t see anything that looks out of place at the bottom of the page, fwiw]

  3. marycatharine Avatar

    I love your sweater, although my naming skills are not up to par. Somehow none of my ideas seem to do it any justice. BTW I don’t see anything odd in Bloglines.

  4. aliceq Avatar

    A friend of mine had the same thing happen when he downloaded a free WordPress theme for his blog from an unofficial site. All the stuff is hidden in the footer. It took him a bit to find the garbage and reconstruct his theme. Here‘s his post about his problems.

  5. Anna Avatar

    I read through Bloglines and didn’t see anything off in any of your recent posts.

  6. mai Avatar

    ooh, that sweater is beautiful! by the way, i’m one of those lurkers :) i use google reader and haven’t seen any dirty links yet!

  7. Caroline Avatar

    Your beautiful sweater reminds me of a “Spring Frond”

  8. Therin Avatar

    Personally, I would call it Manos: The Sweater of Fate.

    I lurk through google reader too–no weird linkage here either.

  9. Seanna Lea Avatar

    I don’t see dirty links, but I stopped using Bloglines about 6 months ago when I decided to put all of my favorite knitblogs in del.icio.us. I may not know if someone has updated, but it is not hard to click on the link and see if there is something new!

  10. Jeanine Avatar

    YAY me! I don’t see any dirty links either. Too bad I missed out on the destash. Your sweater looks amazing. How about Slithering Ice? or Slithering Cables?

  11. Michelle Avatar

    Those green cables look a bit like slithering snakes. Maybe a name with serpentine in it? I’m glad I got so lucky with your contest! :-)

  12. Carie Avatar

    I didn’t see anything dodgy either – your jumper looks lovely though – how about Parterre as a name – it looks like those knot gardens made out of box hedge.

  13. charli Avatar

    I certainly picked the wrong week to fall behind on my blog reading. Drat!

  14. sari Avatar

    i dont see anything wierd on here.
    i would call it “eire” cause it reminds me of an irish cable sweater and its green like a shamrock!

  15. Alice from france Avatar

    Really beautiful cardi!! Maybe call it Amande or Amandine, maybe Orgeat.

  16. Captain Avatar

    My suggestions is “Sidewinder Cardigan.”

  17. Caren Avatar

    How about “Sidetracked”?

  18. Shayna Avatar

    So between the green and sheen of the yarn and the viney/trellis-y cable up the side, all I could think was green grapes. I figured you’ve already got the vino covered, so I went for table/eating grapes. “Perlette” is a variety of table grape from California. It reminds me of the ones that used to grow in my backyard when I was little. Also, it’s high in Vitamins C and K! Plus, I like the perl/purl reference. There it is, I like perlette.

  19. wednesday white Avatar
    wednesday white

    Upgrade your WordPress installation — for preference, roll back your database to a known uncompromised backup before doing so. What you’re experiencing is a security exploit severe and widespread enough that Google and Technorati no longer index vulnerable installations.

    I’m at work and shouldn’t even be here right now (break!), but I posted about this in the past 36 hours on ravelry (username wednesday) with a couple links to explanations of the issue. I think you should be able to get to those easily via my profile, but they were in the Lime and Violet group. In something irrelevant. Probably a spinning thread.

    WP 2.5 is well enhanced and worth your time anyhow. Good luck.

  20. Amy Avatar

    I’d call it ‘Sidewinder’

  21. Kathryn Avatar

    BTW, your Back In Action post still has a pile of the spammer stuff in Bloglines.

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