Ack. Days pass and there’s so much to do and so little time in which to do it! Once I finish up a lingering non-blog-able project, I should be able to get more blog-able knitting up here!

I’ve started a pair of mittens which I’m really quite taken with – sadly, the many other knitting commitments (and the fact that I do have mittens from last year) means that they haven’t gotten a whole lot of attention.

koigu mitten, hand

This is the back of the left hand. I knit this half of the mitten really quickly, but haven’t really picked it up since! And since I know you’ll ask…

– my own design
– I won’t be writing up the pattern, but I might put up the chart
– it’s not really supposed to Be Something (the design), but it’s basically interlocking circles and swirls and stars.

For once I’m actually knitting pretty tightly, so these should be fairly windproof. I’m using Knitpicks Harmony circs in 2.25 mm, and they’re great!

Here’s the palm side.

koigu mitten, palm

Has anyone gone to the One of a Kind Show? I certainly spent a lot of money! I bought a fancy ring as a present to myself, but I think I’m going to have to go back tomorrow and see if she has one size smaller. It’s a “y-not” ring from even designs (the second photo from the top, in the first column).

Anyway, there was tons of knitted and felted stuff, including one booth which was selling handknit sweaters for a couple hundred bucks. The work seemed nice, but it was a bit weird – I recognized several of the designs. Klaralund, for one; they were selling a couple of them for around $500. And what looked like Stef’s lacey capelet thingy from SnB Nation. I didn’t really feel up to asking about that, but it definitely struck me as odd – it’s possible that they obtained permission to use the patterns to make things for sale, but I somehow doubt it.


15 Responses to “swirls”

  1. Hannah

    I love the design on your mittens, it kinda reminds me of an astronomy chart at the moment, very pretty

  2. gleek

    definitely provide the chart! is it the same functional design as the anemoi or pirates mitts? i’m sure everyone could figure it out :)

  3. Julie

    They look fantastic!! That brown and varigated pink is perfect- I think it just makes me love all your knitting because you pick colours that I LOVE. And the chart would be great! ;-)

  4. Christy

    Ohh, seriously shady if those were the patterns! Designers rarely give permission to use patterns for commercial use. Could be that the knitter was ignorant of copyright laws, most people seem to be!

  5. Beth

    I think I saw you! But wasn’t sure how you’d feel about being approached by someone out of the blue who recognized you from your blog (although you did help me once at Lettuce Knit, before I’d found cosmicpluto). Yes, I saw Klaralund and did wonder. Somehow I doubt it too, about pattern permission – maybe when we wonder we need to ask, but I was kind of distracted by the volume of vendors and my long list. Hope you did well – I actually did a whole lot of my gift shopping there, and although you can go very high end there always seem to be charming and very well priced things too.


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