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I know everyone in the wintery parts of the world are super sick of snow, and slush, and cold, but I’m not! (Okay, maybe the slush. That’s annoying.) As a wool-loving person, I just love the weather in which it’s actually useful and necessary. I love sweaters. I love coming into a warm house from the cold. And I love new sweaters.

rios sweater

Of course I make the wool work for me even in the summer (I get tons of wear out of my fingering weight Bellevue, for example), but I’m really hurrying to finish a few new ones before it gets too warm for the super cozy ones. This blue sweater is done now, and I’m hoping to even get the pattern out in the next couple weeks. It worked up really quickly in Malabrigo Rios, and I’m really happy with how the neck turned out. And it does have sleeves!

I’m still working on the black cashmere/silk sweater, and I’m hoping to have that done soon too – it’ll be a good jacket weight as well, once it gets a bit warmer. The tiny skeins aren’t going very far on the sweater border – I picked up all the way around the front edges of the cardigan, which means there’s LOTS of stitches, and one 25g skein only gets me 4 rounds!

My goal is to have the sweater done for the 24th…in time for a trip to New York City! I’ve only been there once before, and it was just a day trip (from elsewhere in the state) with my family, and it was a long time ago. This time I’m planning on staying over the weekend and cramming in as much sightseeing, photography, shopping and eating as I possibly can. So of course, I could use some recommendations! What do you love in NYC?



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  1. Lori Avatar

    I’ve only visited NYC a few times — I love eating the street food and people watching. Have fun!

  2. KarenV Avatar

    I love the collar on the blue sweater. Can’t wait to see the whole pattern.

  3. Jane Avatar

    Go to Soho and look at the pretty buildings! It’s gorgeous there (and there’s also Purl Soho/a giant Anthro store, but mostly the pretty buildings, honestly.)

  4. Nik Avatar

    My Gosh that is beautiful. I love a good shawl collar.

  5. Norma Avatar

    Make sure you pay a visit to Knitty City at 208 W 79th Street. I always manage to find something special there! What better way to commemorate your visit to NYC than to come home with yarn…LOL.

  6. Nikki Avatar

    What a beautiful sweater! I can’t wait to see the FO!

    xxoo -N

  7. Stephanie Avatar

    -The Tenement Museum is one of my favorite things in the city, plus it’s close to a lot of really fantastic food (Doughnut Plant, Laboratorio del Gelato, Russ and Daughters).
    -Walk over the Brooklyn Bridge, even just to the middle and back if you’re starting on the Manhattan side.
    -The Cooper-Hewitt’s exhibition of Sonia Delauney’s textiles and fashion will be open by then and should be FANTASTIC.
    -If you like oysters, the oyster bar in the basement of Grand Central is a fun, old New York-y place
    -The Russian bathhouse on E. 10th St. A flat fee gives you access to sauna, steam room, cold pool, a bunch of other stuff. Bring a swimsuit. It’s not sleazy, I promise, and a nice way to relax if you’ve been walking around and eating/drinking a lot.
    -theskint.com has tons of listings for free and cheap stuff to do
    If there’s anything specific you’re wondering about or anything you really want to eat/drink while you’re in town, let me know. Recommending stuff for people to do in New York is one of my favorite things.

  8. Carolina Avatar

    Eating at Serendipity! Save room for the frozen hot chocolate, it’s yummy!

  9. Glana Avatar

    Hi Laura! I think I love NYC just to see her in movies and magazines, but I’m sure I’ll love her very very much but when you know her personally, I live in Brazil in the city of Guaruja São Paulo coast, dreaming of see snow in living color :))

  10. LIzz Avatar

    I recommend the falafel at Taim. They have a food truck parked in midtown during the week, but their hole-in-the-wall sized storefront is at 222 Waverly Place (and 7th Ave). It is seriously the best falafel I’ve ever had.
    And if you are in Brooklyn, Al Di La in Park Slope is so wonderful (Italian food). Enjoy! And ask away if you are looking for something specific. I 2nd the comments above about Purl SoHo and Knitty City.

  11. Mouna Avatar

    Go to the Frick collection, nice small museum with amazing stuff. Must visit Purl Soho

  12. Rose Avatar

    Check out Han Gawi (YarnHarlot’s recommendation and I loved it too!) Also, go to the MoMa or the Met if you love art!! Knitty City and Brooklyn General if you have the time!! And ask Kay of Mason-Dixon, as she’s a resident New Yorker!!

  13. Liza Avatar

    Oh, the blue sweater looks gorgeous!

  14. cyndy Avatar

    The MOMA and for delicious Indian food Vatan (prix fixe).

  15. Billi Avatar

    Wow, I love that blue collar!

  16. silvia Avatar

    Oh my, there is so much! I lived there for four years and my favorite place was the Costume Institute at the Met. FIT also has a nice museum (and check out their bookstore if it’s open for amazing supplies).

    When I first moved there I’d just hop on a bus and ride, the subway is faster but you see so much more up top.

    And you must make a point to walk through Central Park. There is so much hidden in that lovely place.

    Have fun!

  17. Becky Avatar

    I love your patterns! Can’t wait for the blue one to come out. It looks like just what I’d want to make next.

  18. Maryse Avatar

    I also like how the collar looks! Have a great trip to NYC!

  19. windzgirl Avatar

    I love the Museum of Art and Design (MAD) in Columbus Circle. Also, I work at the American Museum of Natural History and could leave you tickets if you want! It’s very close to Knitty City.

  20. Geneviève Avatar

    I really can’t wait for these patterns! Looking forward to knitting this blue sweater. YAY!

  21. MJ Avatar

    Hi, Laura! Habu Textiles is a pretty cool place to go in the city. It’s a very small store located in an office building in the garment district, but it’s got a lot of the cool yarn that Habu sells (wool stainless steel, silver, copper yarn, unusual fibers). I live north of the city and don’t get down there that often, but every time I go, I make it a point to stop by and see what Habu has,and I usually end up spending a couple of hours there, agonizing over what to buy. Their location: 135 West 29th Street, Suite 804. website: habutextiles.com. Have fun!

  22. Vicki Suan Avatar

    walking into a yarn store makes me happy. Seeing and smelling all the yarns, touching and feeling each one, putting them into my basket, knowing I’ll be bringing them home– priceless!

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