Yesterday I worked at the the yarn shop, and I took my bow sweater to work on it there. Since I’m back in again today, I left the project there overnight. So when I came home, I just had to cast on for a new sweater!


Okay, yes, that’s a swatch, not a sweater. But it’s where it all starts! This is on 5mm needles, in Dream in Color Classy. I think the idea for this sweater is coming along in my mind, but it still has a ways (and a bunch of math) to go.

(If the swatch looks a bit wet, it’s because I dropped it in the sink before I took this photo. Whoops.)

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  1. Meya

    Wow, what a lovely swatch ! What’s the color ? Gothic rose, right?
    It seems it will become a wondrous garment !


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