(Click for big, really. It looks a lot better there.)

Thermal is finally up! Kind of felt like the sweater that would never end – I worked on it at Rhinebeck! Enjoy! Oh, and make sure you read the editor’s note at the very bottom of the page : )



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76 responses to “surprise!”

  1. Stephanie Avatar

    It’s fantastic! Definitely one for the to-be-knit list.

  2. femiknitter Avatar

    Wow, that is seriously super cute! I think this might be my favorite new winter pattern this season. It’s definitely on the to-knit list! Congrats!

  3. terhi Avatar

    Congrats on a gorgeous sweater! Really beautiful!

  4. Katie Avatar

    Ahh. The pattern is yours. I love it! It looks beautifully warm – while being stylish at the same time.

  5. Katinka Avatar

    What a pretty, pretty, pretty — did I mention pretty? — design! Just when I think I’ve got my knitting queue down to a manageable size, something like this comes along and demands to be made. :)

  6. Jenny Avatar

    I love this so much! I placed an order with knitpicks this morning before seeing it, and I just called to add the gloss to my order!

  7. Clare Avatar

    I absolutely love this. It’s going on my ‘to knit’ list (this is an honour as I’m very fussy about what I allow on this list because I always end up with far too many things on the go!) One problem, I live in the UK and unfortunatly can’t get hold of KnitPicks yarn. Are you able to suggest a substitute?

  8. Lin Avatar

    I love your sweater and in such gorgeous yarn … I wish Knitppicks would supply us over here!

  9. Joan Avatar

    That is gorgeous! I am definately adding it to my future projects list. I love it.

  10. grumperina Avatar

    A most pleasant surprise, indeed! Congratulations!

  11. Ruth Avatar

    A better surprise than usual! Well done. Knit Picks Gloss seems like a great choice for a sweater.

  12. Stephanie Avatar

    I love this! It’s adorable, and I’m not just saying that because I’m in love with thermals.

    I was majoring in Biology and Linguistics too! And then I changed majors to Anthropology and Philosophy. sigh. The life of a double major that doesn’t really make much sense. haha.

  13. Phoe Avatar

    What a great sweater pattern! I was just lamenting my lack of lightweight and warm sweaters, this is perfect. Now if only Knitpicks would ship over here…

    Great job!

  14. Bex Avatar

    I love it! I have been wishing I had a pattern for something like this for quite a while!

  15. Lynn Avatar

    There’s a huge interest in this pattern over in the livejournal knitting community ( where I made a post for the knitty surprises! Keep your eyes out for FOs over the next few months.

  16. Mia Avatar

    I feel in love with your pattern. It will go into my need to make pattern pile. I have to think about the yarn because of the gauge. I am loose knitter but so long as I think of it as a long term project…..

  17. k. Avatar

    I’m delurking to tell you that this sweater in sheer genius. It will save me the inhumanity of being dragged by my daughter to every major mall within an hour’s drive in search of a henley that will fit her big-shouldered, narrow-chested little body. This is perfect: now I can just knit her a couple that will fit.

    As is expected, you rock.

  18. Sarah Avatar

    Holy crap, I LOVE that sweater pattern… it looks like something I would wear ALL the time. Definitely, definitely the next thing I will make – as soon as I finish the sweater in progress, and the ugliest scarf ever made. Excitement explosion!

  19. Jen M Avatar
    Jen M

    What a great pattern! Very cute :)

  20. holly Avatar

    Great! When i saw this, it immediately went on my ‘to knit’ list. Great job.

  21. Rachel H Avatar
    Rachel H

    I’m wearing it today in honour of its official debut. Congratulations on another fabulous pattern!

  22. whitney Avatar

    Oh my goodness, I love it! What a nice surprise. It’s definitely going on my “to-knit” list…I could use a nice lightweight sweater like that.

  23. allie Avatar

    I love it!!! I’ve been reading your blog for a while and I was excited to see you for the author. Great job!

  24. alison Avatar

    I love this! I feel toasty just looking at the photo!

  25. Aileen Avatar

    Well done! I know I have never commented here before but I am a long-time reader and love your knits. I love sweaters like these, so useful and pretty at the same time, and something you can wear with lots of things. Good job! Can’t wait to get started on it.

  26. Lolly Avatar

    Thermal = brilliant!

  27. laura b Avatar

    Gorgeous sweater! Definitely a great surprise!

  28. Laura Avatar

    Awesome! Way to go! I agree with Sarah that I would wear something like this every single day.

  29. Delia Avatar

    I LOVE IT. That may have just moved to the top of my “to knit” list!!!

  30. Mary-Heather Avatar

    Clicked over from Knitty to offer a HUGE congratulations on a beautiful sweater design! It looks fantastic and super-wearable. Great job!

  31. knotingale Avatar

    It’s the best! Over a year ago, I said “Why can’t I knit a sweater like my favorite one?” (a thermal knit long sleeved T with a scoop neck)
    And now, thanks to your genius, I can!

  32. jen Avatar

    ahh! this is seriously the cutest sweater pattern i have seen in a long time! everything you knit is awesome, but this is my fav, wonderful enough to draw me from my eternally shy, non-commenting blog reading stance. I can’t wait to knit this!

  33. Debi Avatar

    Another stunning sweater, congrats Laura!
    And thanks for always thinking about us *fluffy* girls….we love pretty sweaters too! :)

  34. hyunjee Avatar

    I’m delurking (like many others) to say congrats on an awesome pattern and to say (like many others) that that sweater is something I’d wear ALL THE TIME. Way to go! I may have to actually knit my first adult sized sweater now… After my yarn diet ends… ooohhh…

  35. Rose Avatar

    Also delurking to say that I love it. Plan on ordering the yarn tonite!

  36. Julia Avatar

    Yay! It’s BEA-utiful! Congrats!

  37. Judy H. Avatar

    I’ve already ordered the yarn, in burgandy! (Really wanted the super-fast shipping, too, but resisted.) Can’t wait!

  38. Becky Avatar

    Oh I LOVE this sweater!!!!! i’m definately making this one. Thank you for including the larger sizes too!

  39. Liz Avatar

    I love thermal shirts! Naturally, I ordered the yarn for this already. I’ve been looking for a new project and this is perfect! Love it!

  40. B. Avatar

    Congratulations on a clever, attractive and stylish design, complete with lots of good photos. Well done!

  41. Crystal Avatar

    I love this. It is going to be such a cute and comfy sweater. I definitely have to make it! Your patterns are always great.

    PS. Maybe I’m dumb, but who is “famous non-blogger Rachel H.?

  42. Tanya Avatar

    Love it! This and Serrano are both definitely on the to-make list.

  43. Karma Avatar

    So cute. I love the scoop neck and the little bitty button placket. Congratulations!

  44. frecklegirl jess Avatar

    I am definitely knitting this- looks like a flattering and comfy pattern! I love waffle stitch too.

  45. […] I could always go with Knitty’s new offering- Thermal by Laura Chau of cosmicpluto. (The stitch pattern is nearly identical- she doesn’t have you knit through the back loops on the knit stitches but it may make that sweater look even better.) […]

  46. handknit168 Avatar

    It is lovely, just a simple purl and knit stitches pattern.

  47. Leah Avatar

    What a gorgeous pattern! I love the neckline and the detail of the tiny button placket. All your designs are fabulous, but this is the one I’ll be knitting first.

  48. Gaile Avatar

    I fell for this the second I saw it! All I need is to figure out what yarn to use. Gorgeous!

  49. Jodi Avatar

    Oh this is fantastic…I’m in the midst of knitting my Lucy…and this is definitely the next project on my list. Your designs are pretty much aces :)

  50. Cheryl Avatar

    Congrats on a fantastic design! I love it.

  51. Toni Jo Avatar

    This pattern is amazing, it’s the cutest thermal top, and the fit looks fantastic! Can’t wait to test this one out!

  52. Kim Avatar

    I love it! I have to wait until the stashbustalong ends, but then I’m planning to make one! Smashing!

  53. Caitlin Avatar

    Wow! I loved that design and it didn’t even click that it was your design until now. Amazing work, as always.

  54. LynnH Avatar

    It is lovely and oh so perfect for this crazy cold weather we are having! I love small-gauge knits, and I bow to your many sizes. Bless you!

    By the way, I posted a gluten-free Teff Spice Muffin recipe on my blog yesterday that you probably can adjust by using stevia to sweeten. It’s worth a peek, they really are tasty.

  55. Gina Avatar

    I love that sweater! Also, your finished Lady E. is great.

  56. jeanne Avatar

    As soon as I clapped eyes on Thermal, I felt that familiar tension in my chest and my hands started to sweat – no, not a heart attack – I MUST KNIT THAT! ;D

    There’s some Concord Grape Gloss already on its way to me. Thank you for taking a bit of chill away from a very chilly winter!

  57. Carin Avatar

    You turned a great idea into a wonderful design! Very well done! Love it!

  58. jenna Avatar

    Awesome pattern! It’s totally wearable and looks like a fun knit. Perfect!!

  59. Sarah Avatar

    Hi again… am I right in thinking that I can only get gloss by online order? Is it sold in any wool stores in Toronto? HOW CAN I GET SOME TO MAKE THAT SWEATER?!?!?!
    Also where can I get the necessary circ’s…. anyone? Help?
    Thanks in advance! :)

  60. ariane Avatar

    I don’t normally comment your blog although I read it frequently :) But I just had to say i LOVE your sweater. It’s gorgeous and fashionable. Thanks for the pattern :)

  61. brooke Avatar

    Beautiful design and I love the texture. I wish it was on my needles! Hhhmm, off to the stash to see if I have yarn that would work NOW. :)

  62. Amy B Avatar
    Amy B

    My favorite Knitty surprise ever. Thank you!

  63. Nicole Avatar

    Seriously – this is a great sweater. It’s totally on my to-knit list. GREAT design!

  64. Marisa Avatar

    Just saw this at knitty… I want to make it! Congrats from a fellow linguist.

  65. Brenna Flood Avatar

    Things I ADORE about this pattern:

    1. It is flattering on many body types.
    2. It is the first (aside from Serrano) real sweater pattern that knitty has had in a long time.
    3. The “default” yarn is affordable!
    4. The construction is very interesting, but not finger-snapping difficult to do.

    Great job – you are an inspiration. :)

    You know, I would buy a book that you authored in a second! Have you considered putting one together of all of your sweater / cardigan / otro stuff?


  66. ann-marie Avatar

    i LOVE this sweater. people on messageboards everywhere are raving about it.
    good job!!!

  67. Samantha Avatar

    Gorgeous! The stitch pattern is stunning. :)

  68. Abbe Avatar

    I absolutely love this sweater. It is simple and classic but the texture makes it so interesting. I’ve got one skein of gloss at home, and I think I feel a swatch coming on.

  69. Betsy Avatar

    This is an amazing sweater, congrats!!!!!!! You must be so proud

  70. Melinda Avatar

    I love this, but I’m having a bit of trouble on the armhole/neckline shaping.

  71. Victoria Avatar

    It’s amazing! This will be my second garment that I will knit (ever) I think. Shame we can’t get the yarn over in the UK :( Any suggestions for alternatives would be great!

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  73. funeral homes in lancaster pa Avatar

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  74. ND Avatar

    I’ve found this lovely pattern a few days ago from And then i’ve started to knitting this thermal without to read this pattern completely. Fyi, i’m really newbie in this knit world :)
    My problems are:
    – which needle should i use to knit this part (divide for neckline packlet)?

    I’ve used the circular needle to knit the lower body.
    – can you explain me more details, how can i knit this part rightly, so i can continue this thermal sweater?

    Thank you so much in advance for helping me :)

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