sun on your shoulders

garden June 12, 2007

Spent a good couple hours in the garden this afternoon, weeding, a bit under-sunscreened (I’d applied earlier then gone out to a family thing, and didn’t reapply) and although I don’t burn, I do certainly have a bit more tan on the back of my shoulders! This photo is from June 12 (Tuesday) and trust me when I say that the lettuce there on the left is way bigger now! I harvested a bunch for a big salad tonight.

Everything else seems to be coming along well, the zucchini plants are finally growing more quickly, the beans are flowering, the peas are bushy and cute, and the tomatoes are looking good too. I planted many, many tomato plants (maybe 40?) and my goal is not to have to buy zucchini or tomatoes this summer! Although, I might still if I were to see cool ones at the farmer’s market…

Growing on the needles is the lace nightie from Interweave:

silken straw

I’m using Alchemy Silken Straw (100% silk) and it’s coming out beautifully. I’m almost done, actually. It looks really, really small at the moment, but I know that since it’s silk and rather loosely knit it’s going to grow and grow once it hits water. Rather counting on it, actually. I’ll be wearing it as a layer over a cami, not as a nightie – it seems quite a bit shorter than the pattern, even though I added in an extra repeat of the lace pattern before binding off in the back.






5 responses to “sun on your shoulders”

  1. sappmama Avatar

    I’m really diggin’ the photos here. :)

  2. Amy Avatar

    There’s an absolutely amazing lace sweater in the newest Interweave out of the Silken Straw. The pictures there, coupled with yours, make me want to buy a bunch of that yarn. If only I could afford it! The garden is looking really well also; you deserve kudos for it and the knitting also.

  3. Erin Avatar

    It’s weird to hear anyone worry about not having enough zucchini. Whenever we or our neighbours planted it there was always a “Great Zucchini Bounty of 19XX” and we’d desperately attempt to pawn off zucchini on unfortuante guests. Or make an awful lot of chocolate zucchini cake.

  4. Knittiana Avatar

    There is nothing better than home grown food! Enjoy your garden! The silk looks like it will feel so nice on the skin, soft and cool. Can’t wait to see the finished product!

  5. Kiko Avatar

    I made the lace nightie about a month ago and it really is short. Mine turned out much shorter than the original looks like. I added an extra repeat too. I like it still :)

    Your silk yarn looks wonderful.

    ps. Thank you for the pattern for cavern cardigan. I knitted it recently and it love it!

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