summertime in the city

Well, my computer is fine without the extra RAM, normal. Plan of action: meet with very Mac-savvy friend on Saturday (he’s currently interviewing in Ottawa for a gov. job) and if it no worky, go back to the store on Sunday (and possibly sit at lettuce knit, but I’m there all the time anyway!).

Anyway, today was very interesting. Lots of stuff happening in the store, and a very nice stitch ‘n bitch. Amanda of etc. was there, and someone who has just started reading my blog (sorry I didn’t catch your name!). Lively and interesting as usual, and such a nice way to spend an evening. J&J especially, you guys rock.

Knitting-wise, I’ve done about 8.5 inches on the back of Jenna (it’s a scant 11.5 inches long). It’s really quick, even though I’ve messed up several times and had to rip rows. My sister’s taken the camera again, so unfortunately no pictures tonight (booooo, hisss).

I swear I *am* going to go to bed earlier tonight. Sheesh.

Just a few chapters of the hitchhiker’s guide (I’ve got the ultimate guide, all 6 books in one) and a few rows…

night! stay cool!






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