stupid trp operon

Thank you all for your kind comments! I don’t think I’ve ever gotten that many comments before. I wore the sweater tonight to lettuce knit for the anniversary/holiday party. I was actually warm for the first time this season – I’ve been wearing about four layers and still feeling chilled, but wool, man. It rocks.

The party was really great. I got there late, after my last syntax class, but there were still lots of people, and loads of food and champagne. It was also really nice to see Stephanie and Rebekah come out! Everyone else too, of course. I love my SnB-ers. :D

So. Knitting progress. I managed to get a couple inches done on the capelet, so now I can change my needles and start some lace to make it not as horrifically boring. I did a few rows on Charlotte, as well; now I have a deadline on which to finish it. We’ll be going to my aunt’s on the 18th, so that’s when I have to get it done and blocked by. I’ve decided on (I think) a beaded cast-off. So my question is, how loosely should I bind off so that when I stretch the whole thing out the edge will still be ok?

Oh, and I just realized as I sat down to write this entry that I can make Mariah with the Highland Wool that I got from Elann! I have two sweaters’ worth, and I wasn’t entirely sure what to do with it. Retro-prep pullover comes to mind, but I’d have to add cables and things to make it not so fantastically boring. But hey, Mariah’s right there and perfect for my Oxford Grey Heather.

But really, it’s just Christmas knitting from now on until it gets done. Because…there are less than 17 days until Christmas.

Back to biology. Sigh.

Also: holy fuck, my calves are killing me. I can barely walk down stairs. I think it’s all the sitting to study (plus I have a tendancy to put my legs over the arm of my desk chair and sit like that). Who ever said studying wasn’t physical?






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    redefine looming syndicate ballistics wig egalitarian …

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