Yes, I get stumped sometimes too…

How exactly would one pick up and purl? Any ideas?

(update on knitting: I’m at the back armhole shaping, so just a few rows away from knitting straight down the back 15″. Unfortunately, my left hand is feeling a bit tingly, so I’m going to try and take the day off actual knitting tomorrow.)

ramblings added at 1:56 – currently thinking about the tartan jacket (again). There’s the yarn issue – do I wait until the yarn comes in (which seems like it could be a loong while), cheat and check if romni or village yarns has it (which makes me feel so bad…maybe someone else could get it for me and I could pay them back?), or change the colours? I’d consider doing it all in the main colour (spice, but I’d have to make sure we still have more, as I currently only have 7 skeins of it), or maybe two colours…like red and black. or red and charcoal.

Also, I have a sizing issue. The given finished sizes are 36″, 38.5″, 41.5″, 46.5″, 52″. As it’s a coat, I’ll definitely need some ease. But 41.5″ seems a little too small and 46.5″ way too big. A 43″ or thereabouts would be perfect. Do I go mucking about with figuring out the numbers for an in-between size? A smart thing to do would be to measure the bust of my winter coat, which is fairly snug. I should do that. Yeah, this is the kind of thing I think about in the middle of the night.

Someone’s made the jacket already…

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