A few months ago, Mari asked me to submit something for the Autumn 2013 Harrisville Designs collection. Here’s my original sketch and swatch, worked in Harrisville WATERshed, a lovely minimally processed woolen yarn. I wanted to show off the yarn in a simple design that was still fun to knit. I really love knitting side to side, and the exposed three needle bind off on the front and back of the sweater provide a little edginess. The herringbone stitch used for the cuffs is easy to knit and when you switch to stockinette, it produces a lovely little puff in the sleeve.


And here’s the finished sweater! All photos except that top one are courtesy of Harrisville Designs.



Stoddard is a cozy V-neck pullover with a fun, unusual construction. Three-quarter length sleeves feature a sturdy herringbone cuff and faux raglan seams for a casual, easy to wear look. It’s even reversible front to back! Harrisville’s WATERSHED knits up into a light, cohesive fabric with a wooly, comforting hand and beautiful flecks of subtle color.

Stoddard is constructed in two identical pieces. Each half of the sweater is knit from the cuff to the center of the body, then the two halves are joined with a visible three needle bind off. The collar is picked up and worked in the round.


Stoddard is available from Harrisville Designs. Queue and fave on Ravelry!

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4 responses to “Stoddard”

  1. Merci Granny Avatar

    Absolutely gorgeous ! Queueing it now :)

  2. grumperina Avatar

    I really like this one! It’s the unusual construction :). I actually think it would make a lovely kids’ sweater if downsized.

  3. Jane Avatar

    The construction of this is so cool, and the design is lovely!

  4. Allison Avatar

    So cozy looking!

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