State of the Garden, June 27

garden, June 27

Things are coming along quite nicely in my container garden! It’s been alternately very rainy and very hot and sunny, so the plants are doing really well. The containers do dry out quickly, but I’m using some moisture control soil and being diligent about watering (sometimes twice) on hot, sunny days.


The peas are finally making pods, though because it’s already very hot I don’t expect to see a ton to harvest. That’s okay – I love just eating fresh peas straight off the vine, it’s one of the pleasures of vegetable gardening for me.

bell pepper

Tiny bell pepper!


Slicing cucumbers are starting to get going.

purple calabash

Purple calabash tomato – I think. I’m always terrible at labelling my varieties, but they do have a pretty distinctive shape and I have the seed packet.


Tigerella. I’m trying to be more aware of the nutrient needs of my containers this year – I need to remember that container soils only have what you add! I did a round of crushed eggshells and coffee grinds for all the tomatoes, and I’ll probably pick up some kelp meal and plant tea soon.

Matt's wild cherry (I think)

Matt’s Wild Cherry.

I wasn’t quite fast enough with my camera to get a better photo of this bee, but I’m glad to see him checking out the tomato flowers. Now I just need to keep the squirrels out of the planters until I can harvest! I had to chase the same squirrel off the balcony three times today, grrr.


It’s a long weekend up here for Canada Day, and I plan to drink iced coffee, quilt, knit, and relax. Have a great weekend, long or not!

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