spring cleaning: wip or rip?

oh march

Well, it’s supposedly spring, but here in Toronto that still means snow! I know lots of people are tired of winter, but I love it – I like wearing layers and wool and cozying up under lots of covers, and eating lots of hot soup and stew. It’s not that unusual for it to flurry into April (though those ones are really just for looks, they never stick around) so I’ve still got some cool weather ahead.

I do like the longer daylight hours though, and there’s a bit of that changing of the seasons in the air, which leads me to spring cleaning! I was looking through my stash the other day for something in particular, and found the Pile Of Stalled Knits. Everyone has one, right? Things that just aren’t going the right way, or are just boring. Sometimes you just have to be in the right mood to deal with them. Today – the laceweight edition!

pretty, but...

This one is really pretty – it’s Blue Moon Laci. Alas, it’s also a laceweight sweater that I started maybe 4-5 years ago! I knit a fair amount but it just stalled out. I’ll definitely revisit the idea though. I’d love to knit this yarn up into something else, maybe a lacy shawl or shrug.


black laceweight cardigan?

Black laceweight sweater? Yikes. This one didn’t get very far. Maybe I’ll try again though, with the yarn doubled, and from the top down. Ripped!

More WIP/RIP to come!







3 responses to “spring cleaning: wip or rip?”

  1. Sheila Stringfield Avatar
    Sheila Stringfield

    I just ripped out a pair of socks at the heel turn. Love the yarn but not for socks. Also ripped out 30+ rows on the sleeve of my sweater. Need to decrease sooner.

  2. Knittripps Avatar

    I like the idea of Spring Cleaning for knitting. I have a couple of items that either need to be finished or ripped.

  3. KT Avatar

    Mmmm, I love that black lacy yarn. Can you share what its?

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