Spoiled, more like. More on Ysolda’s visit soon, but for now, some pretty yarn pictures.

indigo moon

Indigo Moon sock yarn in chocolate and raspberry, for stripey knee socks!

fibranatura mermaid

Fibranatura Mermaid (cotton/wool/silk/seacell!) in an awesome blue-green.

drop spindling

Ysolda picked up the spinning thing pretty darn quick!

We also both bought crazy hot shoes – seeing as how we live thousands of miles apart, I don’t think it’s going to be a problem (also they are different colours, I got red and she got grey).

they're damn HOT.

(Photo from Fluevog.)

More soon!







13 responses to “spoils”

  1. Alice from france Avatar

    Wow the shoes are so beautiful!!

  2. lisa Avatar

    Love the shoes – I would totally wear those.

  3. Melissa Avatar

    Love the yarn and LOVE the shoes!

  4. Megan Avatar

    I have those shoes. I love them very much.

  5. Jennifer Avatar

    Those shoes great! I also love her dress any idea where she got it? It is really cute.

  6. Rachel Avatar

    LOVE the shoes!

  7. Debbie Avatar

    HA! No one remembered the knitting, after you showed the shoes! Too funny! They shoes do rock!

  8. gleek Avatar

    i love fluevog shoes! seriously stylish AND comfortable. between my husband and i we have like 20 pairs :) heheh. yours are gorgeous!

  9. Hannahbelle Avatar

    I heart Ysolda’s dress! I’m going to try and make something similar over the summer… so cute!

    Spinning is a new hobby of mine, too – it’s fun but I keep running out of roving.

  10. sari Avatar

    the yarn is nice but those shoes…. i heart them big time.

  11. Seanna Lea Avatar

    Those are great shoes! They are just the right mix of girly pretty and big and clompy! It’s my favorite style! (and I’m running out of exclamation points, so I’ll just say that the mermaid yarn is extra neat looking… the color blending makes me think of the misti alpaca).

  12. Alyssa Avatar

    Love the shoes!

  13. […] comfortable, fun, and sturdy. They have not transformed me into an adorable Scottish designer or a hip Canadian designer, but while I’m waiting on that to happen, I can at least wear them to get my week off to a […]

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