I had my first botany lab today. It was about algae (spirogyra being one of the species), and boy, did that lab stink. The acetone fumes gave me a headache, too. Now I’m super-duper tired, even though the three-hour lab was my only class today.

On the knitting front (no pictures today), I finished one of the fronts of Bella last night while watching Francois Ozon’s “Swimming Pool” on TMN on Demand. I’ve seen it before (maybe even twice, I don’t remember) but it was still good watchin’ (and knittin’!). Bella is really really fast when I dedicate the time to it (her?). Knitting the sleeves after doing these uber-long body pieces (they’re about 32″ long) will be a cinch, I hope.

I’m also slowly slowly getting there on the second sleeve of my turtleneck shrug. I’ve got just a few more inches until I switch to doing rows instead of rounds – I’m going to focus getting that done tonight AFTER I do my reading, say, in front of Law and Order at 11.


Oh, and lettuce knit in NOW!

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