Wow, it’s late already. It’s been a busy day – out to Caynes by transit (which ain’t that easy), a 15 km bike ride (not that long I know, but I’m terribly out of shape), canning up some of those lovely cherries from the other day, knitting, and spinning! Ahhh.

The canning – this was my first experience, mainly instructed by the Joy of Cooking. I did the whole cherries, pit and all, in a medium syrup. Boiling water bath (in just a really big pot on the stove), four half liter jars. One of them seems to not be sealed properly – the lid popped while it sits cooling. Ah well, that just means I’ll have to eat them soon. The others seem to be sealed. It took a long time to get the pot to a boil, but other than that it was actually pretty fun. And the pretty, pretty jars of fruit are worth it! Tomorrow: adventures in jam making…oh, and I made some mint chocolate chip ice cream that turned out super yummy. I loves me some new foody experiments!

Spinning – I’ve been working on some new yarns for the shop; it’s all going a bit slow because I haven’t had much time to sit at the wheel. Seems it’s easier to find the time when I’m actually in classes! Nowadays I’m just busy doing other stuff out and about!

Which leads me to the knitting…it’s not that I haven’t been doing it, because I have. But not anything terribly exciting, really. Lots of titbits. Stockinette socks. I did finally do the button band of VBC and need to sew the shoulders together so I can do the neckband, then sew everything else together. The supermerino sweater is almost almost done, but again – just needs that time where I can sit and finish it. I’ve been carrying around a ball of Lana Gatto VIP (merino/cashmere) and a set of dpns to start a set of legwarmers, but I just can’t seem to get around to doing it!

I did manage to knit a piece of a sweater – the back of the Sand Dollar pullover from Knitting Nature, for LK’s Megan I. We’re getting in some Posh Yarns cotton/cashmere, and working on a sample out of it – it’s soooo yummy.

Hmmmm. Perhaps it’s time to go do a few rows on the supermerino cardi. Night!

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  1. megan h

    hey, the popping sound while the jar is cooling is the seal forming – so if it popped, it’s sealed! good luck with jam!

  2. Simone

    Wanted to let you know that I knit your Cavern cardigan. There are a few pictures up on my blog if you would like to see. Very nice pattern. Thanks!


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