so, what else is new?

The answer is…not much, really. Knitting, watching Stargate: Atlantis, reading Anne of the Island (I’m working my way through the series), eating. I’m plugging away at my various secret projects, which certainly doesn’t make for exciting blog photos.

Oh! I know! I did knit a bit of Choco-belle this week.

that is one major piece of knitting!

That’s the peplum, two rows away from being complete. That’s one big-ass piece of knitting, people. I don’t know what I’ll do if this sweater doesn’t pan out. Definitely not ripping, that’s for sure. I’m sort of at a weird point in this sweater, where I’m really not sure if it’s going to work. We’ll see.

The cables sure are nice, though.







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  1. --Deb Avatar

    Those cables are gorgeous–it would be so, so wrong to rip them out . . . so I hope everything comes out perfectly so it’s never even an issue!

    And, hey, Anne of the Island. That sounds familiar–I just finished rereading all 7 of the Anne series a couple weeks ago. First time I’ve read the entire series in years.

  2. Alexandra Avatar

    Tree skirt.

    (Well, can’t let it go to waste…)

  3. Jessica Avatar

    It has been so long since I’ve read the Ann of Green Gables series. I may have to pick it up again this summer. It is so much fun to escape to different time periods.

  4. michael Avatar

    yes, SGA! it goes so well with knitting, eh?

  5. Caroline Avatar

    I love Anne of Green Gables…however, in my opinon, none of the other books in the series are as good as the first.
    My all time FAVE LM Montgomery book is “The Blue Castle”, which kind of imitates a Jane Austen or Bronte novel (romance!), only set in Canada & with LMM’s voice.

  6. Lizzy Avatar

    That’s awesome – I’m doing the same project but only about 10 rows in – it’s taking me forever and I nearly frogged it today but having seen your photo I’ll plug on!! Thanks for inspiring me.

  7. kate Avatar

    i hope our chocobelle works out! i consider myself to be a product knitter who pay close attention to the process and am always bummed when things dont quite click — especially when lots and lots of work is involved i have ultimate faith that you will find a way!

  8. pixie Avatar

    oh i re read those anne books recently, they are free from the UK project gutenburg site, not free in the US yet though. I also love Atlantis haha. Sounds nice to me!!

  9. Helen Avatar

    I’ve never WANTED to knit a peplum sweater before.
    Now I do. That’s gorgeous!
    Sigh, one MORE thing for my Ravelry queue. Soon, my queue will hit the queue equivalent of SABLE (Stash Acquisition Beyond Life Expectancy). What do I do then? And what about the part where none of the stash matches up with the queue?

  10. gleek Avatar

    wow! look at those cables! you have a lot more patience than i do :) gorgeous, really.

  11. Ivy Mae Avatar

    I love the Anne books. My favorite is definitely the last one, Rilla of Ingleside, I think it’s called? I reread that one at least once a year, cause I’m weird like that. I get so happy when I hear someone is reading something that I love! Also, I love both this sweater and the stripey one. I’d love to wear the stripey raglan with some nicely worn-in jeans.

  12. Stacey_CrimsonPurl Avatar

    Whew! Gurl you are right that is some serious knitting -hence why I haven’t started on my KB yet!!! ;op!!

  13. Katrina Avatar

    It’s beautiful! If it doesn’t work out, it would make an excellent Christmas Tree skirt…(which hopefully it won’t become.)

  14. sheila Avatar

    It’s a work of art…I hope it works out!

  15. Seanna Lea Avatar

    I love all of those cables! They are just so rich looking (and infinitely more interesting looking than the ton of ribbing I’ve been doing lately). I’ll have to find this pattern!

  16. Michaela Avatar

    That’s beautiful! I love the cables. I can’t wait to see how it ends up.

  17. Kathy Vallee Avatar
    Kathy Vallee

    Hi Laura, Like I said in a previous email, LOVE the cables. Definitely let me know how everything turns out in the end. I printed the pattern, possibly will give it a spin over the summer. Will probably try knitting the yoke first for sizing. Great recipe btw (paneer)!
    Cheers from Windsor, Kathy

  18. Sasha Avatar

    It looks great!! Gotta love chocolatey cables :) Hang in there and don’t get dejected – it may surprise you and turn out BRILLIANTLY after all!

  19. Sue Avatar

    I admire both of the sweaters you are working on, but love the tulip sweater. When you divide for the sleeves, if you are using “extra” yarn, how are you going to determine if there is enough for the sleeves and the body? By weight of yarn?

  20. Carie Lynn Avatar

    You took me back, talking about Anne of the Island. I should dig those out and read them again!

  21. Lindsey Avatar

    That sweater looks gorgeous!! I’m sure it’ll turn out great!

  22. KateMet Avatar

    I’m always so glad to find I’m not alone in revisiting all my old book-friends! I love books of all different types. I still sneak into the kids section to find new good ones. But I missed Anne like an ache when I first got to the end of the series. Anybody read all the short stories about Avonlea?

  23. Suzanne V. (Yarnhog) Avatar

    Oh. That’s a LOT of knitting. This one’s somewhere near the top of my list (I even ordered yarn for it), but–Oh. I’m still struggling through the Dickinson Pullover (aka Death By Cables), so, you know. Maybe a sock would be better.

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