so what did you do this weekend?

Me? I did some reading (really I did, mostly just botany though…damn algae and their complicated names), played a little bit o’ pool, watched some family guy, consumed some ethanol-based beverage, worked (celeb sighting #2!) and knit more than half a sweater.

What’s that, you say? More than HALF a sweater in only 3 days? Yuppers. Unfortunately, no photographic evidence tonight. But there (typo: butt here) will be some tomorrow, when I hope to be about…oh, say three-quarters done. Syncopated Ribs is a superfast sweater! I started Friday night and I’m already on the back shoulder/sleeve shaping – remember, it’s done in one piece cast on at the bottom front, knit up the front to the neck casting on stitches for the sleeves, over the shoulders, and down the back. And I should be okay for yarn…*crosses fingers*….I hope.

My zigzag bag is being blocked right now as well, one half at a time on the ironing board. Usually I’d do the whole thing on a towel on the floor, but it’s so nice to stick pins in the ironing board and not have the surface crinkle up trying to smush the piece back to its original dimensions. I pin and spray with water – the first half has been blocked already, and what a difference! It’s way smoother and just feels more finished and professional, y’know?

I’m now thinking toward my next Cotton-Ease project, a simple white cardi, long set-in sleeves (as much as they’re a bitch to seam, they look great), nice deep chunky ribbing (4×4) at the edges, some waist shaping, and possibly a knit-in ribbed buttonband. I just need to find some dimensions and guidelines on armscye and sleeve cap shaping. Of course, if the yarn for my tartan jacket comes in anytime soon everything else will be dropped in favour of it.

Oh, and a recipe – I hear it’s a hit not just with my friends ;)

Laura’s Famous Layered Dip

– 1 red pepper
– 1 tomato
– 1 green pepper
– 3 -5 green onions (v. important!)
– cheddar and mozzarella cheese
– 1 container sour cream (or the same amount of yogourt)
– 1 pkg cream cheese
– some salsa

Method (damn scientific method):
1.) Dice the veggies.
2.) Cream the sour cream/yogourt and cream cheese together. Make sure they’re both at room temp, and maybe use a food processor if you’re not up to smushing it with a fork.
3.) Now for the layers – best prepared in a shallow-ish (about 2 inches deep), glass dish with straight sides:
cream cheese sour cream/yogourt
red pepper, tomato, salsa
green pepper and green onion

Keep in the fridge, serve with tortilla chips! Enjoy!






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