so long, 2007

I can’t believe it’s that time again! This year has gone by so quickly that I feel like I haven’t been able to catch my breath. It’s been an interesting year, I suppose – lots of good things happened, like graduating from university, my garden adventures, my first vacation in years, a great Rhinebeck with rachel and jaya. Of course, where there’s good, there’s always something to balance. The last couple months have been very difficult for me personally, and the going is still tough. Things take time, you know? Sometimes too much time to bear.

But! New year’s is always a time of reflection, and rebirth, time to move forward and leave the past where it is. Tonight, my family is all out doing their partying things, and I’m at home with a bottle of Trocken in the fridge and just loads of Indian takeaway (tomorrow, I’m going off wheat, dairy and soy for a few weeks to clean my system up – tonight, I’m eating!). And knitting. I’ve got the possibility of one more FO of 2007 tonight.

The benefit of having lots of projects on the needles at once is having lots of FOs at once! I’ve completed not one but two sweaters in the last week. First up is the Treeline Stripe, of course (sorry for the crappy photo, I think the stripes confuse my camera) –

treeline stripe, done

Treeline Striped Cardi
Pattern: based on a concept by the Purl Bee – I looked at the colours and the yarns, and did my own numbers, shaping, and details.
Yarn: 3 skeins of Shelridge Farm W4 in Chocolate, 2 skeins in Misty Blue, 3 skeins of Rowan Kidsilk Haze in Villain.
Needles: US 7

Okay, so it doesn’t have buttons yet. But I’ve worn it a few times, and I just love it!

Next up, a surprise FO that jumped from the needles this week.

a very bulky sweater

A Very Bulky Cardigan
Pattern: my own. Top-down raglan with crochet edgings.
Yarn: 5 skeins of thick and thin merino from Americo Original, some random handspun merino from my stash.
Needles: US 15 (no wonder it was so fast)

I started this on Christmas Day (Tuesday), I think, and wore it to work on Saturday. It’s pretty uncharacteristic of me, all that bulky wool and wacky edging, but it’s fun and very cozy. I even had the big buttons in my stash.

To me it looks like a big version of a little girl’s sweater.

bulky sweater, flat

In 2007, I finished at least 18 tops or sweaters (there might’ve been an extra one or two in there undocumented), and a couple projects each of socks, shawls, skirts, and other assorted things. Here’s to even more in 2008.

Bye, 2007, and well, good riddance.



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20 responses to “so long, 2007”

  1. thea Avatar

    love the cardigans – especially the bulky one with the edging. The brown makes it grown up and cool – but it could still make a cute kid version as well… happy 2008!

  2. Nadia Lewis Avatar

    I love that brown top! It’s super cute!

  3. shelly Avatar

    The brown cardi is so cute Laura! Nice job. I especially love the edging and button holes. Any chance you’ll make the pattern available? I’ll buy it!

  4. Shannon Avatar

    Both sweaters are really cute! And you’re right, the chunky one is like a kids sweater embiggened. It’s not my normal style either, but I do like it a lot!

  5. elise Avatar

    the bulky cardi is great. i particularly like the wacky edging and chunky buttons. very impressed with all of your work. happy new year!

  6. Rachel H Avatar
    Rachel H

    Happy 2008, darlin’!

  7. Luni Avatar

    So pretty. Love the colors! I hope you have a happy, healthy 2008.

  8. Linda Avatar

    Both are successful. I like the little gather at the shoulders in the striped cardi–it is flattering in a way I wouldn’t expect. I like the chunky one because it says “have fun and enjoy life!” in a warm, cozy way. I always enjoy seeing what you’ve been up to. Happy new year!

  9. Brenda in Toronto Avatar

    LOVE that browny goodness! And here’s hoping 2008 is better for all of us :)

  10. Debbie Avatar

    Love your work! Is there any chance that we will be given a pattern for the brown cardigan with the big buttons? I love it!
    Happy new year!

  11. alison Avatar

    Happy New Year, Laura! May 2008 be better. :)

    I’m especially loving your Treeline Cardi, with or without buttons.

  12. Joanne Avatar

    I really like the brown cardi it looks fun! The Treeline cardi is cute also but on a dreary day wear the brown cardi. I’ve enjoyed reading about all your knitting adventures this past year and I’m looking forward to 2008. Thanks for sharing.

  13. gleek Avatar

    happy new year! that sweater is so cute!

  14. Cynthia Avatar

    Happy New Year! Love both cardigans. I would also love to be able to get the pattern for the brown cardigan with the crochet trim and large buttons.

  15. sandi Avatar

    that brown cardi rocks! and so does your new do! lovin it! happy new year!

  16. Melina Avatar

    I like little girl sweaters. They are more interesting and look more fun to make than adult ones. I am often disappointed when the pattern does not come in an adult size. You made 17 more sweaters than I did in 2007 but the one I did make was your Lucy in the Sky and I love it.

  17. Steph F. Avatar
    Steph F.

    Here’s to you having a great 2008 :)

  18. Diane Avatar

    I love the edging on your cardi

  19. carolyn Avatar

    I have enjoyed seeing your FO’s in 2007 and look forward to more. You are an amazing knitter. I envy your speed! Happy New Year.


  20. Elizabeth Avatar

    Your treeline cardigan is so cute! You have inspired me to try one of my own :) I’m thinking a green and brown one. Thanks for the inspirations. You are such an artist!

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