I passed my driving test!

And then it snowed, snowed. I’m lucky I had clear weather.

As for the sweater I started – it’s the Urban Aran by Patons (in the Street Smart booklet) and I’m using Elann’s Highland Chunky from the *last* time around. I really really want some of the darker denim colour, but I’m going to restrain myself! At any rate, the sleeve is working up really quickly on 5.5 mm needles – I’m almost up to the cap.

Pictures and a real entry later!

15 Responses to “so as not to keep you in suspense…”

  1. Maria

    After more than 15 years of driving, I had to go through all the stupid “graduating license” process. I passed this same test you did, I could do my next one now, but I’ve been lazy and kinda poor to pay for it. But I’ll do it in the spring, I think. Then I’ll have a “complete license” (total Ontario nonsense, don’t even get me started).

  2. Ariane

    Congratulations! I passed my drivers test a few months back – I was nervous the night before, and the day of I figured I WASN’T going to pass – so when I did, it was even more exciting! :] I love having my license, so much more freedom.

  3. Noo

    Congratulations! I passed on my FOURTH attempt, so I was ecstatic when I got my licence. No more driving lessons – hooray!

  4. naomi

    Congratulations! I was very upset when the DMV cancelled my driver’s test because of the foot of snow we got overnight. I’d been practicing driving in snow! I’m glad the weather cooperated for you.


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