sniffle. guh.

It would seem that I have a touch of the hay fever today. Sniffle, sniffle. Ugh. Just took a Benedryl, in the absence of anything non-drowsy, so we’ll see how long I last before I need a nap! I suppose it isn’t the ideal time to start cutting pieces for a dress, but oh well.

Yes, I’ve actually been sewing!

built by me!

(Can I say how glad I am that the light has returned? Hurrah for better photos.)

I proclaim my first sewn top a success! Pattern is the fabulously easy and wearable Simplicity 3835, a Built By Wendy pattern that everyone’s been sewing up for ages in blogland. I did the top in size 14, with the slightly longer sleeves of Dress A, minus the sleeve elastic. It fits great and is super comfy – I’m definitely going to be sewing up a few of these for the spring and summer!

built by me, oh-so-comfy

The fabric, pictured in my last post, is Chocolate Lollipop “Cartoon Flowers”. A little loud on its own for me, maybe, but with some jeans and punk-ish accessories I think it’ll do me just fine.

yay! built by me!

Did I mention that it was really easy? Oh, one other thing I did – I cut out a little patch of the fabric, and sewed it to the inside of the back neck so I can tell which way is which.

a wee

I think it’s really cute.

Upcoming: more sewing, knitting, rather tardy book reviews, and more. I’m really feeling inspired these days – maybe it’s the return of spring, the snow melting and having my window open. I love it.



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26 responses to “sniffle. guh.”

  1. Bertha Avatar

    Wow, this looks so great on you!! Super cute!

  2. Melissa Avatar

    So cute! I love it!!

  3. Angel Avatar

    Welcome Spring! I love the pattern, the fabric and it’s so spring like!

  4. Kristin Avatar

    Very cute! I have this pattern sitting on my desk. I think it’s time to go fabric shopping.

  5. gleek Avatar

    super cute! the top and fabric go really well together! the sewing bug must be going around. i have the urge to make another skirt :)

  6. Bex Avatar

    I love the fabric! And, I agree about feeling more inspired with the return of the sunlight. It feels so much better!

  7. SpiderWomanKnits Avatar

    So cute! And your hair looks awesome :-)

  8. adrienne Avatar

    Very cute top!!!!

  9. kelly jo Avatar

    Too cute! I love it! I might even be brave enough to try to make one – what type of fabric is it?

  10. hesira Avatar

    The top looks great! i’ve been trying my hand at sewing, too. It’s super fun and a nice change from knitting.

  11. Jennie Avatar

    You look super cute!

  12. Viktoria Avatar

    It was super cute! The colors are so happy and make me think of spring!

  13. Jacey Avatar

    The top is great! I almost bought some of that fabric the other day. There are so many awesome prints right now-very inspirational. Congrats on another sewing success. :)

  14. Wendolene Avatar

    Oh–that is cute!!! I am not a seamstress, but stuff like that always makes me wish I was. Good call on the tag–I have a few “reversible” handknits, and can never remember which side is supposed to be front!

  15. Meredith Avatar

    Wow that top looks so great on you! You have definitely inspired me to try this pattern!

  16. Michaela Avatar

    Cute!! I almost makes me want to sew, but it’ll never happen.

  17. Miss Muffy Avatar

    Pretty! I totally want to make this now, too!

  18. Heather Avatar

    That is super cute. I sew pretty much everything for my children but have never sewn a piece of clothing for myself – which is funny since I knit for me and have pretty much never knit for my girls. Anyway- the top looks cute and easy to wear. My only concern is that I’ve gained a few pounds over the winter and would be afraid it would look like a muumuu on me. Any thoughts on how it fits with different body styles? Is it cut small?

    p.s. I have a half unfinished quilt set for my girls in chocolate lollipop! I love the fabric set!

  19. Seanna Lea Avatar

    I love the top. It’s cute. Too bright for me, but it looks like a great top for the grey days when you just need a pick me up.

  20. Rachel Avatar

    Great job with your first sewn top! It looks fabulous on you!

  21. Trine Avatar

    Aaw, I miss seweing.. Your shirt is so pretty! :) Hope the spring isn’t too hard on you; allergies suck!

    You know, in that second picture your face reminds of Keenyah’s in America’s Next Top Model cycle … something. :P


  22. hesira Avatar

    I so very much love your shirt, I went out, bought the pattern & some fabric (one piece of which looks suspiciously like yours, hey imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, right?) and plan to get to working on it tonight.

  23. hesira Avatar

    Oops! Sorry for the double (now triple) comment. I’ve lost track of where I’ve been.

  24. Dr. Steph Avatar

    OMG, I need some of that fabric. And to learn how to sew.

    I adore cartoon flowers.

    Nice work!

  25. Robyn Avatar

    Can I come to Toronto and get a sewing lesson? I’m sooo afraid of my sewing machine. LOL. It’s very intimidating. So many simple things I want to make, but I have no idea how to do it properly! Grr!

    (I’m a Montrealer by the way!)

  26. Yenni Avatar

    Super cute! Looks great on you. Makes me want to start sewing again.

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