slowly emerging

I went to see a doctor yesterday, and was given a cough suppressant (an “antitussive”) which helped me wake up only once last night, rather than the every two hours the night before. Thank goodness. I’m feeling a wee bit better today, which is good because now I’ve got a ton of stuff to catch up on!

Still not much knitting going on, but I did start a scarf out of that Cashmere Luxury stuff the other day, in mistake rib. And I printed off the pattern for Mariah, so I hope to start that soon. Still gotta finish up the Must Have, though…perhaps today I have the energy (or just the sheer will) to block the pieces, or at least the body pieces so I can get the buttonband and collar done.

Oh, and I finally did the whole bloglines thing, so y’all can subscribe by clicking the button over there on the right. I’ve got it set right now to syndicate the whole post, is that what people prefer?






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