sleepy saturday

I feel like I haven’t even woken up, just kind of wrapped in fuzz. And I really need to write a paper, too…maybe some chocolate will help.

I finished spinning up the primary-coloured merino from this post. As you can see, all the colours blended together. This comes in at 314 yards!

And in dyeing, I did a big lot (8 oz) of blues and purples, which didn’t really come out like I wanted, but it’s ok.

I find I’m often dissatisfied with my dyed roving, but it’s cool once it’s spun up. I also did a bit of green, pink and yellow.

It hasn’t all been dyeing and spinning – I’m still working away on the second broadripple (almost at the heel) and the bamboo chickami.

I’m almost at the armholes on the cami, so I hope to split it today. I’ve also got an idea percolating for another tank top, so perhaps I shall swatch for that one…






5 responses to “sleepy saturday”

  1. johanna Avatar

    I don’t know Laura, your last minute attempt to throw in some knitting doesn’t convince me. You’ve gone to the other side. You are a spinner.

  2. Anne T Avatar
    Anne T

    I usually just lurk (and particularly enjoy lurking on your blog, you’re an amazing knitter!), but I just had to comment the yarn in this and the previous post. It’s so amazingly beutiful! I’m in love with it! Isn’t it amazing to look at it and know that you brought such beauty into the world? It *almost* makes me want to take up spinning and dyeing, and my resistance is pretty solid so that’s saying something. ;)

  3. Siri Avatar

    You are spinning some outrageous yarns! I like seeing the progression from dyeing to spun, and see how it changes so much. Uh oh. I can hear my long neglected spinning wheel calling from out in the shed.

  4. Siri Avatar

    And as for “wrapped in fuzz”. That’s the perfect description of me EVERY morning.

  5. Vicki Avatar

    You should definitely hold out judgement for after the spinning. I kinda like how the primary spun up. You’ve been getting so much done. How many hours are in your day? hehe

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