she cleans up nice

By popular demand, I donned fancy clothing and lipstick on a study-hard weekend for y’all…

wedding hotness

A close re-creation of the outfit I wore to the rachel’s wedding. She’s already back from her honeymoon, I’m running a little behind. I had my hair down and hot-rollered, and I’m not wearing makeup in these shots, but you get the idea.

wedding outfit

Dress was about $90 from le chateau, and necklace and shrug were (of course!) by me. I’ll do a separate post about the shrug, but it served well and was a pretty quick knit (which I finished the morning of!).

Necklace/cleavage shot.

necklace/cleavage shot

I think it all came together quite nicely! And since I don’t often have occasions for which to dress up, it was fun.






14 responses to “she cleans up nice”

  1. Nicole Tinch Avatar


    That dress is gorgeous. The necklace is a nice splash of color.

  2. Alyssa Avatar

    I’m knitting Thermal and I have a question. When I did the decreases on the back section after binding off for the arms I did the three stockinette stitches on each side. Now that I’m done with the decreases do I still keep those three stitches on each side in stockinette? The pattern doesn’t say one way or another and I wasn’t sure.
    Love the pattern and I’ll be making my donation to Knitters without Borders soon.

  3. Andrea Avatar

    You look great. I love the shrug! Pattern please.

  4. grumperina Avatar

    Hot chica! You look great!

  5. Alison Avatar

    You look fab! I love the dress – the sash is great.

  6. eyeleen Avatar

    great outfit. I love your shrug!

  7. Cristina Avatar

    love it all!! the shrug and necklace is especially AWESOME.

  8. mel Avatar

    Ohhh Sexy Laura!

    Very nice.

  9. gleek Avatar

    you DO clean up nice ;) the necklace is lovely and the shrug goes really well with the whole outfit.

  10. Rachel H Avatar
    Rachel H

    Gorgeous. Thank you.

  11. Jillian Avatar

    Love the dress and the necklace together!

  12. Cheri Avatar

    I love the outfit, everything works!!! And that shrug is very sexy!

  13. Miss Muffy Avatar


    Yes – shrug deets please!

  14. alison Avatar

    Fabulous outfit!

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