shawlcrazy? maybe sockcrazy

It ain’t all shawls around here, although there will definitely be more of them coming!

How about a stack of socks in progress, instead? Jill’s not the only sockcrazy one!

All at different stages, in the (very rare) sunlight. In the front we’ve got one completed Fleece Artist sock, which started life as a stockinette sock but was far too big, so I ripped, reduced the number of stitches, and ribbed it. Back left is a skein of brown and pink Artyarns Supermerino that will become socks from the latest Knitty. I’ve only got two skeins, but I’ll shorten the leg and we’ll see. I know the smart thing would be to go toe up, but I actually do love going top down.

And in the back right, we’ve got a bandwagon Jaywalker sock in progress! I liked it but didn’t love it at first, but now I do! I’m using Cherry Tree Hill in “Green Mountain Madness”, size 0 dpn and the smaller size.

Shawl progress! I’m just about done with the feather and fan shawl, only about 6 or so rows to go (further along than this photo). It’s getting quite big, so I’m doing one more stripe of the yellow/green (the third colour from the top) and then casting off. Unfortunately while working the second purple strip last night, I messed up and had to rip out a couple (loooong) rows. But all is back on track.

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10 responses to “shawlcrazy? maybe sockcrazy”

  1. Jessica Avatar

    I made the Supermerino socks with two skeins. I knit a 6″ cuff and wear US 9.5 shoes. There was very little yarn left, but I made it okay. They’re nice and squishy and comfortable.

  2. Chris Avatar

    That shawl looks like desert cliffs near an unexpected river….

    Green Mtn Madness is one of my favorite CTH colorways, and it looks great on the Jaywalker. Heck, bandwagon or no – it’s a great pattern for showing off variegated yarn. (Or am I just trying to rationalize the bandwagon I’m on, too?)

  3. Andrea Avatar

    I’m loving that shawl.

    I’m curious to see how your supermerino socks turn out. I’ve been wanting to try those socks and really only want to/can afford 2 skeins. After my first pair of ultramerino socks (in the same pink/brown combo that you have there), I’m addicted to artyarns. Must buy more! (But not until I can close the lid on my yarn bin).

  4. grumperina Avatar

    The feather-and-fan shawl is looking gorgeous! I love your choice of colors.

  5. Jill Avatar

    You are definitely ahead of me in the unfinished sock pile – I actually only have one on the go right now! Remember in the summer when I had about 6?

  6. Kelly Avatar

    Love that shawl! Great pattern, great colours!

  7. Latoya Avatar

    You chose such beautiful colors. And the shawl seems to be coming along – its beautiful. I’ve been seeing the Jaywalker everywhere, but still haven’t tried it. I’ll have to put that one on my list to think about.
    Happy knitting!

  8. mimi Avatar

    Hi missed many of your posts! Anyway, your socks and and shawl looks very nice and the colors are so beautiful!

  9. Susan Cannizzaro Avatar

    your patterns are just beautiful

  10. Cathy H. Avatar

    Fleece Artist and Artyarns merino are such yummy sock yarns. Have not used Cherry Hill yet but it is on my to do wish list. Love the shawl and the colours you have chosen. Thanks for sharing your blog with the list. Hugs from the Oldcrow.

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