This triangles quilt is…not going very quickly. I seem to have lost a bit of my quilting mojo! My favourite part is handquilting, so maybe I need to start doing whole-cloth quilts or something. Just can’t seem to get going on the piecing. I’ve been making pairs, but maybe I need to start sewing the pairs together into larger sections to see how it’s going.

triangles quilt

quilt seam

My skirt has kind of stalled out too, with one side seam done. I did French seams using this tutorial, it was a bit confusing at first but definitely worth it!


side seam and pocket

I’m feeling a bit aimless at the moment, flitting from project to project without deadlines or anything. It’s fun for awhile, but I really need to set some short-term goals so I have something to work towards. I just finished that snowflake-sleeved cardigan and it’s in the wash, so that’s one thing I can check off! Today I will sew the other side seam of the skirt. It’s a start.

While I’m working away back here, how about a cheery PATTERN SALE? 20% off single, self-published patterns totalling $5 or more, through December 25, 2013. Check it out on Ravelry!







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  1. Alexandra Avatar

    Ha, we should coordinate. I like hand-piecing but the quilting part can go straight to hell.

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