I have a bunch of nice bright sunlight photos of projects to share, but rather than one huge post I’m going to try to save ’em up so I’ll have something quick to post more often (aiming for every day). First up, a new project – like I needed a new one! my Denise cords are all full!

I’m in love with this project. It’s a top-down raglan (obviously), done with two strands of handspun held together. One strand is fingering weight merino/silk 2 ply, dyed by Fleece Artist, while the other is Louet-dyed merino/silk 2 ply which is maybe worsted weight. I’m using 8 mm needles with the two together and am getting about 13 sts/10 cm. A quick knit, plus I just love the colours!

The Louet stuff is the same colour throughout while the Fleece Artist changes colour subtly. Love. It.

My only concern is running out of yarn! I’m going to do shaping in the waist and maybe elbow length sleeves. If I really really want it longer, I can always get another bag of the Louet stuff, but it’s going to be pretty different from the olf stuff when I spin it up, I think. So I’m aiming to just go with what I have for now – it might go farther than I think!

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  1. jody

    i really like it! i’m a big fan of mixing a variegated with a solid to soften the color changes. if you do run out you could try using just the louet with the same needle size for the bottoms of the sleeves and make them drapey (would work nicely if they belled out a bit). you might have an easier time with the color differences that way. just a suggestion if you really want the longer sleeves and don’t have the yarn.

  2. dennymcmillan

    That merino/silk is just from heaven, don’t you think?
    My new fav is a sprinkle of bunny. I’m going to the Royal next Sun.
    Ya coming?

  3. Crystal

    Wow, that is beautiful! I would never have thought of mixing a varigated and solid like that… but I really love the effect!


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