I got nuthin’.

How about some eye candy?

Fleece Artist Cashlana

Fleece Artist Cashlana, 90% cashmere, 10% wool, three skeins in an excellent mossy green. 1200 metres, for a sweater.

STR light, Gingerbread Dude

Socks that Rock lightweight, Gingerbread Dude. 2 skeins, for knee socks.

Have a great weekend! I’ve got lots planned. Maybe I’ll fit in some knitting, too.

Just kidding. We all know I knit nonstop.







12 responses to “saturday”

  1. Peggy Avatar

    I just bought some Gingerbread Dude too!

  2. Rita Avatar

    Love your blog, sorry I’ve never written a comment. The Cashlana looked scrumptious and was new to me so I did a google. Weird thing is, every site shows the composition of this yarn as 90% Merino 10% Cashmere which is different that what shows on the tag for your yarn. Could there be two Cashlana’s? hmmm

  3. Gaby Avatar

    Strangely I bought two skeins of Gingerbread Dude too! To do, you guessed it, Knee Socks!

  4. Jo Avatar

    Ooh! I bought some Gingerbread Dude in Silkie at Stitches East. I finished my first sock last night and cast on for the next right away!!

  5. Cassie Avatar

    I love the Cashlana color, so beautiful! Can’t wait to see what you make with it. You sure it’s 90% cashmere and 10% wool, not 90% wool and 10% cashmere :)

  6. Wannietta Avatar

    If only thinking about knitting worked! It’s on my to-do list right after I work out how to knit in my sleep! LOL

  7. Kathy Avatar

    Oh, wow, that Cashlana looks yum. Look forward to seeing what you do with it!

  8. elizabeth Avatar

    oooh it looks like gingerbread dude is popular! I have a pair of jaywalkers on the needles with the colorway right now!

  9. scheherazaad Avatar

    Gingerbread Dude seems so appropriate for this time of year. I just want to squeeze thar Cashlana. I feel a bad case of yarn lust coming my way.

  10. Sophia Avatar

    Arrrgh! You had to go and tempt me – and two of my favorite vendors too!!! There goes the credit card!

    You certainly do make wonderful choices!

  11. Evelyn Avatar

    Hi – I just want to let you know that the label on your Cashlana is not correct (sorry)!.

    The correct fiber content is:
    90% Wool (merino, superwash) and 10% Cashmere.

    Fleece Artist accidentally received and used incorrect labels. I received some incorrectly-labeled stock from them too and have double-checked the info.

    Cashlana is *very* soft!

  12. KT Avatar

    Seriously- I just got 2 skeins of Gingerbread dude to make knee socks. Freaky. Cant decide on a pattern yet- have you?

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