saturday morning coffee


I really can’t handle the caffeine from coffee or tea (boooooo) so I’ve just not been drinking them. Then I realized that do have some nice decaf beans! Hurrah! Made some strong espresso in the mokapot and having it in my favourite mug from Anthropologie.

Starting a new swatch, too – Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sock in Douglas Fir.



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8 responses to “saturday morning coffee”

  1. Seanna Lea Avatar

    I’m trying to be good about having decaf coffee, but it is hard. I’m so used to the idea of having caffeine that I often forget to get my coffee that way when I’m out.

    I should break out my french press and enjoy my Saturday!

  2. Jessica Powers Avatar

    I recently decided I need to cut down on sugar, and since my daily intake is mixed in with milk into tea and coffee…bye bye to tea and coffee. Sniff. Happily I was able to find Numi Honeybush tea – it’s a great rooibos that gets takes on that nice, full, darkness that coffee and tea do but with zero caffeine. When I worked a health oriented cosmetic counter I used to recommend it to people coming off their coffee habits, and I feel odd about doing so myself, but hey – it works and tastes good!

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  4. toni in florida Avatar

    Don’t want to rain on your parade, but I’ve read that even decaf coffee has some caffeine, sometimes much more than you’d think. It might be worth checking out the brand you’ve chosen to see where it falls on the spectrum.

  5. Maggie Avatar

    I can’t handle the caffeine, either. I quit caffeinating myself regularly about 2 years ago and now I have a can of coke as a treat, or a decaf latte from Sbux. Both give me quite a buzz because I don’t have them often. But when I brew decaf at home (also rare), the amount is low enough that I don’t feel it.

  6. connie Avatar

    i’m in love with lorna’s laces shepherd sock. can’t wait to see what you do with it. and i think we’ll meet at tnna this year. can’t wait for that too! :)

  7. knittingoutloud Avatar

    Thank goodness for decaf!

  8. kala Avatar

    I have that same mug, but a “K” for Kala :)

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