It’s hard keeping projects like this from you guys! I worked on it hard in July and August.


Alexis is a hawt model, no? Michelle’s a super hawt photographer, too.

Roam hood

I know the yarn is spendy, but it is So. Beautiful. (I don’t mind if you substitute, of course!)


As for the “what are the boots?? the BOOTS!!!” question, I’m on it. I’ll let you know tomorrow after I call her ; )

Click on over to Knitty for the pattern!






30 responses to “Roam”

  1. rachel m Avatar

    really gorgeous pattern, laura! and that yarn! yum!!! way to go.

  2. Kristen Avatar

    I love the name of the yarn. My husband loves that band, and I had to show him your pattern.

    I’m just now knitting Thermal, which means I’ll get around to Roam in, eh, April?

  3. Emily Avatar

    What yarn substitutes would you recommend for those of us on a Super Yarn Budget? I’d like to use something verigated, but I can’t seem to find something that looks like it’d be a good sub. I don’t think I can live without this beautiful cardigan, but I don’t think I can afford groceries if I buy the yarn. :-) Great job on the pattern!

  4. Suzanne V. (Yarnhog) Avatar

    Great sweater! Again. It won’t replace Vino in my heart, of course, but it’s certainly lovely!

  5. Steph F. Avatar

    Lovely pattern! Congratulations :D

  6. stephanie Avatar

    it’s absolutely my favorite item in this knitty!


  7. Nubiancraftster Avatar

    congratulations!!! That looks wonderful. I wish I had the dinero to spend on the yarn but I will have the revel in the construction instead when I make it. Great job

  8. Emilee Avatar

    That’s a lovely sweater Laura!

  9. Romi Avatar

    I love it! The boots are totally cool too, but that pattern rocks!

  10. Michelle Avatar

    I love the sweater…I have been looking for an excuse to knit with Great Big Sea! This is perfect and I love hoodies! Thank you

  11. carrie Avatar

    Congratulations! Keeping the secret must have been *so hard*!

  12. Debbie Avatar

    Hi Laura!

    WOW…I really like Roam ~ just in time for Fall! I like that you have incorporated darts for better fit and detail. I have wanted to see Great Big Seal knit up…nice!!

    My list of must knit projects is growing and I wish I had enough time to start and finish them all!! What is your secret? Do you set daily knitting goals?

    Thanks so much for the great pattern and inspiration :-)

    Happy Knitting!

  13. Jen da Purse Ho Avatar

    this is so beautiful! GOOD WORK!

  14. Anna Avatar

    Congrats on the pattern’s publication! It’s gorgeous (and on my list of things to knit eventually)!

  15. Juno Avatar

    So I’m reading Knitty and I am in love with the hoodie and I scroll down and…of course it’s you. Everything you make I want to wear.
    It’s gorgeous

  16. Jo Avatar

    This one is going to get into my queue ;)

  17. Kitty Avatar

    Wow… I LOVVEEEED this pattern, I’m planning my plan purchase as we speak. I would like to know what’s a good sub as well.

    Ooh and that hip purse! What brand is it?

    You did a wonderful job! Congrats.

  18. grumperina Avatar

    Go, Laura! What a lovely sweater!

  19. Kim U Avatar

    It’s a really gorgeous sweater – I put it in my queue right away (although I’m afraid I’ll need to do a yarn sub, I wish that yarn was in my budget!)

  20. Luni Avatar

    Ha! Been there, and saw you and yours right away. Such a wonderful design, and such a great yarn, too. Congrats!

  21. Erin Avatar

    This is *definitely* going on my list of projects to work on after Christmas presents are done. I love the shaping!

    I also would be interested in substitutions, since my budget is sadly limited.

    Thanks, and great work! :D

  22. Becca Avatar

    Another request for possible yarn subs! As soon as I saw this in Knitty, I thought “Must knit!” It’s so awesome that I may have to face my fear of zippers. Congrats!

  23. Dagmar Avatar

    This pattern is great! Thanks a lot. I now have to choose between Roam and Thermal for my next “big” project…

    I love the boots aswell….

  24. Christy Avatar

    I had already printed out the pattern as an “add to the to-make list” when I noticed who designed it. Congradulations!

  25. Donna Avatar

    What a wonderful way to interpret the hoodie with that beautiful yarn. Knitty was gorgeous this season, but this pattern was the best of the best!

  26. Laura Avatar

    Way to go! I was dressing this morning and said to myself, “I need to make a sassy wear-with-everything cardigan pronto!” Get outta my head!

  27. Nicole Avatar

    What a great pattern! I’m not usually that crazy about variegated yarn for sweaters, but this looks just beautiful. I can’t wait to try it out for myself. If only I could get through my WIP Everest first…

  28. Deirdre Avatar

    The one sweater I have fallen head over heels with from Knitty is, of course, yours, and would require, I think, a second mortgage… but it’s so-o-o-o nice…

  29. Esther Avatar

    all i could say is “wow”!
    great job!

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