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So! I’ve had one full day at home, never leaving the house. Recovering. Watched flurries fall for over an hour from inside my cozy house. And working on the Rhinebeck photos! So here’s the recap of the weekend.

On Friday I headed downtown not too early with my super little bag (the little hand luggage you get with a luggage set?) and was picked up by Andrea and Cheryl. Sonia, Andrea’s GPS, was along for the ride too – we love Sonia.


We took a couple hours’ stop in Niagara Falls and a little eastward to go to the outlet mall and the regular mall for shopping and lunch. I got a great little cotton robe at the Gap that came in rather handy later on! We arrived around 9 or so to our fantastic little rental house to meet up with the rest of our Toronto fibre buddies – Steph’s got great photos of the house (I sort of neglected to take any!). There was a bit of interestingness that evening, if you read up at Steph’s!

Saturday morning we headed out to the fairgrounds pretty early, getting there around 9:30 and snagging a pretty sweet parking spot.


Everything was so gorgeous! The trees, the yarn, the fibre.

grafton batts

It was pretty overwhelming on the Saturday, and I’ve been going a couple years now! It was seriously CROWDED, a bit claustrophic in some of the barns. I amused myself for quite awhile taking photos rather than actually fondling stuff, and met up with lots of awesome knitters. I headed over to the Ravelry meetup a little late, but still got to chat with caro, javajem, minty, and of course jess and casey (well, we said hi, anyway – he was a little occupied!).


I thought of Casey as being a little like Santa – people would wait until he was free, then go up, chat a little, take a photo, and then let the next person go.

casey being "santa"

We walked around until about 4 or so, then went to the huge grocery store next to the fairgrounds to secure some dinnerstuffs, drove back to the house to eat, and headed out to the Ravelry party. Sonia was a little confused that evening and told us to drive offroad…which we did not.

The party was crazy, and cold! We hung out awhile for the raffle, then headed home – I’m glad we went though, because I got to chat with gleek and skrilla, both of whom I’ve hung out with online but never met in person!

Our car had a bit of adventure of our own that night – when we got back to the house, frozen and exhausted, Andrea discovered that she didn’t have her phone! She figured she must’ve dropped it when we got out of the car (parked on the street) at the party, so she and Cheryl headed back to Red Hook to look for it. Not only did they find the phone, but they found my koigu mittens there too! I’d dropped them from my lap when *I* got out of the car, and hadn’t even realized they were missing. Whew.

Sunday was pretty chill and nice. We got to the fairgrounds around 10:30 and it was so much quieter. Of course there were some things that were gone (fudge, the cheddar I’d wanted to buy) but it was a lot easier to shop and to go back and check out things that we’d missed or wanted to reconsider. And take leaf photos!

brooks farm

spinner's hill booth


After a rather goal-oriented dash around to find Andrea and Cheryl some inexpensive spindles and pretty roving to get them started spinning (heh heh heh), we finally decided that we were done and headed back to the house.

bye bye, rhinebeck!

The evening was spent doing show and tell of all the fabulous stuff people had bought, eating pizza and drinking wine, and chatting – it’d been tough for all of us to hang out together since we were always so busy driving somewhere or shopping or whatever!

Andrea, Cheryl and I headed out really early on Monday morning (6:30 in the freezing cold) to get home before the rush hour kicked in around Toronto (it’s killer). So I got home in the afternoon and got to relax, unpack, and enjoy being back at home!

Rhinebeck is so much fun. The touching, the looking, the general wool fumes, the knitters. Who’s on board for the same house next year?

sheepy goodness, edited

(Stay tuned for the goods, I know you wanna see them!)







21 responses to “rhinebeck story”

  1. Jocelyn Avatar

    You guys are so cute! I’m enjoying all the reports from Rhinebeck, thanks for posting yours!

  2. Alice from france Avatar

    ho! My dream is to go there one day!! Look at those wonderful colored batts! All the fibers!! And the knitters you could see and chat with, aww lucky you Laura!!

  3. Mary Avatar

    i love the santa and casey comparison. totally makes me laugh. I bet he makes the other males that attend the event jealous!! what a pimp!

  4. Estella Avatar

    Love your pictures…I was there and was looking for familiar faces of blogs I read (you, Scout)and was overwhelmed with the number of people. I had my daughter in tow so the meet-up wasn’t happening but my dream is to spend a weekend there like you did. Thanks for sharing your Rhinebeck story.

  5. thea Avatar

    Great pics – all the colors are lovely – even the colors of clothes look perfect in your brady bunch squares! Sounds like a great weekend, I have to get there next year. And loved the little house & story too :-)

  6. gleek Avatar

    what a great trip! looks like going for the whole weekend is the trick! :)

  7. Catherine Post Avatar

    That looks like so much fun. The colors are making me drool. That’s what suckered me into fibre…the color. I look forward to seeing your purchases.

  8. Stephanie Avatar

    Great pictures! You look positively giddy!

  9. Joansie Avatar

    I’ve been reading lots of blogs (with envy) of those who went to Rhinebeck. Yours has the greatest pictures and I can’t wait to read what else you have to say about it.

  10. Seanna Lea Avatar

    Wow! That was definitely a more relaxing way to enjoy Rhinebeck than the one day bus trip (which was very long and exhausting). I loved my first experience, but am a little envious of yours!

  11. Beth Avatar

    LOL, Casey Claus! Love it. Great update, one of these years I’ll get up there to experience it for myself. :)

  12. Jody Avatar

    Awesome pictures! I especially love the one you took of the corriedale fiber – because I bought that turquoise one in front! I didn’t think to take a picture!

    The Ravelry meetup was so much fun – I’m so glad I got to meet everyone in person!

  13. Hazy Avatar

    You’re the first person whos Rhinebeck story I have read that actually had photos of yarn and roving! You took some great pictures!

  14. MichelleB Avatar

    Great pictures – what kind of camera do you have?

  15. laura Avatar

    BEAUTIFUL photos. Isn’t fall gorgeous?

  16. ceels Avatar

    I’m usually able to reconcile myself to no Rhinebeck, there is just no easy way of getting there from Oz. But that photo of the Corriedale… I am all envy.

    I love the self photo of the three of you, looking so happy.

  17. Melissa Avatar

    So glad you found your mittens! They’re beautiful.

  18. Stacy Avatar

    It looks like you have a wonderful time! (And the mere mention of Niagara Falls made me a bit homesick.) I’m glad people didn’t try to sit on Casey’s lap and tell him what kind of yarn they wanted for Christmas.

  19. cici Avatar

    great post. Love all the photos.. Looks like it was really chilly there.

  20. Cirilia Avatar

    And it was SO good to meet you! I was standing there looking at you and thinking…”she’s…she’s moving! It’s Laura! And she’s not 2D!” That is such a good moment. Loved your entirely knit ensemble too, you pull that off with great aplomb.

  21. Myriam Avatar

    I am belgian…..too far to visit..damage!

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