Sorry to leave y’all in suspense! Here’s the result of that first go at crockpot dyeing:

I was trying for rainbow, so I put red, yellow and blue. What I got was…not rainbow. Rusts and oranges with odd little bits of violet. Weird. Maybe it’ll look better spun up. That’s what I hoping for, anyway!

I also did another 4 oz lot of the corriedale:

It looks a lot better in the picture, actually – the camera brings out the blues. I’m happier with this one, although the colours are really dark and the yellow turned brown-y (maybe I should try a different yellow…). I’ve got some merino drying, and some in the pot, that I’m a LOT happier with! Pictures of that coming.

I’ve also completed the cotton footie socks…

Basic sock pattern shortened; short row heel; standard toe. Fortissima Cotton Colori on 2.5 mm needles. They’re cute!






4 responses to “results”

  1. Alexandra Avatar

    That Corriedale looks exactly like my favorite Manos colorway.

  2. jacey Avatar

    they look great! especially compared to my first crockpot experiment (, it started out blue, yellow, red and ended up crockpot brown! the second time went better, but still I’ve not perfected it. Yours will look great spun up!

  3. Vicki Avatar

    I really like both of those dye-jobs. They may not be what you were going for, but they are very pretty. Of course who knows what it’ll look like spun and knit. Pretty socks :)

  4. Carrie Avatar

    It will be SO interesting to see it spun up. Crockpot dyeing sounds SO fun.

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