I’m a bit late, but I do have a few new year’s resolutions. I don’t usually make them, but I’m hoping that putting them here will help me achieve them.

1) Do better in school.
2) Save money. (I’ve decided that I’m going to try not to move out until I can afford to live by myself.)

There are others in the back of my mind, but those are the big two.

I’m still moping around the house pretty sick, and I skipped my lab today (which doesn’t necessarily cross off resolution #1; it’s non-marks-bearing and I’ll still study the material). I’ve found that Benylin actually makes me feel strangely…drunk. Makes my head spin a little and I feel slow. My voice is really shot today. Overall I feel better than I did two days ago, but if I don’t get better soon I should probably see a doctor to make sure it’s not bronchitis.

And knitting, ah yes, the knitting! When one can’t talk and sits around at home all day, things do move at a fairly good pace. I completed the back of the Must Have last night and did cast on for the fronts, but after working the ribbing and a bit of the cable pattern I decided to separate them and do one at a time. So, the left front is moving along nicely and I even hope to finish it tonight!






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