random wednesday

Not much to talk about knitting-wise today – I’m still working away on my sister’s HP scarf, the lozenge socks (almost done) and some other bits and bobs. I’ve been doing quite a bit of math the last few days, so that I can write up my new red cabley cardigan (which still needs a name) and this older sweatercoat. And of course I have lots of ideas for new stuff but gotta get the gift knitting done first!

So, some other randomness:


A wood alphabet cutout from bookhou here in Toronto. It’s super light and is hanging just on a nail in my living room. I LOVE this thing. And I hardly have anything on my walls so it really stands out.

organic cotton throw

Super super super soft organic cotton throw by Jenna Rose. Also massive love – I kind of want to get another one for the end of my bed. She has an Etsy shop but not much in it at the moment.

I bought this throw and the alphabet hanging at the Toronto One of a Kind Show along with some other stuff (clothes, candles) and had lots of fun! The free re-admission is great too, I might go just one more time this week. It’s still open till Sunday (although I’d go during the week if you can help it, the crowds on the weekend are insane).

dream in color

Looking longingly at this Dream in Color (Grey Tabby and Midnight Derby) earmarked for a sweater. I got rid of quite a few of my older ones when I moved, and now I’m finding I really want new ones!

So much knitting, so little time.



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10 responses to “random wednesday”

  1. Brenna Avatar

    Isn’t that always the case? “So much knitting, so little time.” My pesky job just gets in the way!

    Looking forward to seeing what you come up with next!

  2. Tanis Avatar

    Jenna Rose is one of my best friends! Her stuff is awesome isn’t it? Unbelievably soft throws!

  3. Julie Avatar

    I really love that alphabet cutout!! Gorgeous.

  4. emily Avatar

    I love that alphabet cut-out, very chic!

  5. Rachel Avatar

    nice colours of blue. Fresh skeins of yarn make me happy….like a blank notebook, or fresh crayons.

  6. Knittripps Avatar

    I love one of a kind items. I like to decorate with things that have some character of their own.

  7. Seanna Lea Avatar

    Those are both lovely pieces. They are the kinds of things I would love to be able to make with uber clear lines and no wonky fuzziness muddling their imagery.

  8. Jane Avatar

    Ohhh dude. I wish I’d known the one-of-a-kind show was going to have so much cool stuff. Maybe I’ll find time to stop by Friday after my exam, or something.

    (Also, I am very into that Grey Tabby skein of Dream in Color.)

  9. samantha Avatar

    oh! are you taking suggestions for names for the sweater? i would suggest “mean reds” have you ever seen breakfast at tiffanys? and those colors are beautiful!

  10. Beth Avatar

    Love your One of a Kind finds. Super, isn’t it? Last year and this year I’m into using the bookhou tea towels as Christmas gift wrap – zoomed back down today (last day) for 3 more. You’re right, the free re-entry is great.

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