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Last night I went over to my *ahem* ex’s house to have him and his brother upgrade the OS on my iBook to Panther. Took a couple of hours, but now I’ve got everything restored and it’s very very cool.

Yesterday morning a photographer from the Post came to take pictures of Megan and I, as well as pictures of me alone. It took a long time (over an hour) and was rather embarrassing, but the photographer was nice. I’m not sure whether it’s in today’s paper or not – I haven’t found any relevant articles on NationalPost.com, but that doesn’t mean it’s not there. I just don’t really want to get dressed and go out and find the paper, but I suppose I will, at some point tonight. I think there’s a Post box 2 blocks away…or I could just go to Mac’s.

I’ve been working on Bella, and I’m about three inches (I think, according to the sleeve measurements in Ann Budd’s Handy Book of Patterns) away from the cap shaping. I’ll definitely get it done today, and most likely cast on for the second sleeve. The end is in sight – sort of. Then there’s the business of sewing it up.

I’ve also cast on and done two four-row repeats on the zigzag bag. The colour’s not really turning out as I expected, though:

Kureyon 92. It’s got a nice range of colours, but is much more subdued than most Kureyon colourways and almost pastel-y. It’s ok, but I think I wanted something brighter.. I’m going to stick with this one because it’s what I have. And I’ve only done an inch, so maybe I’ll like it more once the other colours show themselves.

Off to read about syntax and knit! I hope to see people at Sunday’s SnB :D






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