permission denied!

Does anyone use Google Reader’s “next” button thing? I’m moving more to the blog reader thing to keep track of what I like to read, but I also love looking at people’s actual sites! Ysolda told me about the next button, so I’ve been using that.

But every so often I reach a page that just says “permission denied” in the upper left corner that doesn’t let me go anywhere else! If I go to the main Google Reader page I still have unread posts, so it’s not the end of the internet – I’m thinking that one of the blogs on my list has some kind of block on this.

Any ideas? I guess I could go through and re-add stuff back to my list one at a time, but that sucks!







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  1. Emily Avatar

    I’ve been getting that message too, but only recently. I was thinking it had something to do with “Friends Shared Items,” because I think I only get that error when I’m trying to visit the shared posts, not the ones for my regular subscriptions. (Of course, it blocks from visiting any subscriptions that are farther down the list!) The “friends” sharing is a newer feature (I think), so I’ve been hoping this would just get sorted out at some point? This all is only my semi-educated guessing.

  2. Bertha Avatar

    Weird. I’ve been using Google Reader with the next button thing for at least a year and have never encountered this…I don’t use any of that friends sharing feature that Emily mentioned above though so perhaps that is it…

  3. Nicole Avatar

    I’ve been using the Next button for over a year – and I get those messages all the time. I figure they’re posts that have been edited for some reason (and often notice a post that will show with a different title in the URL), maybe… I have no real basis for this other than anecdotally finding that there will still be a post from that blog that shows up usually at the same-ish time. Plus, if the post has been edited or removed or something, then it would make sense that going to the live page doesn’t work. I think.

  4. elissa Avatar

    What next button? I have been using google reader for awhile and I dont know what you are talking about

  5. Mel Avatar

    I’m having another problem. I can’t subscribe to certain blogs through my google reader. If anyone can help I’d be grateful.

  6. jane Avatar

    I heart the next > button, but have never come across such permission denied messages. I only get error messages if the post has been removed since originally posted…but then it’s the Safari ‘I can’t find what you’re looking for’ message.

  7. Sharon Avatar

    Is it not that the blog writer publishes a post and then retracts it or changes the title? I get that error intermittently but I’ve found I can still access the blog later on.

  8. Torrilin Avatar

    I hadn’t actually noticed their next button… it’s down at the bottom and I don’t *look* there. Most of the time I swap feeds by clicking the one I want.

  9. Hazy Avatar

    I love the next button – that’s why I am here! I sometimes get the permission denied notice if I have managed to log myself out of google reader, or sometimes the person has removed the post from their blog in between it being in your reader and you clicking the next button to get to it. Otherwise I have no idea.

  10. Whistlepea Avatar

    I too only get it when I have logged out or logged in under a different e-mail address.

  11. jillian Avatar

    I’ve been enjoying the “Next” feature for many months and haven’t had that happen yet. I have had error messages along the lines that the post or address is no longer there.

  12. Heather Avatar

    I’m still reading blogs old school…with bookmarks and links. One of these days, I’m going to switch to an RSS feed.

  13. Andrea Avatar

    “the end of the internet”. Now that would be something new… (and scary, what would I do at this job of mine… )

  14. ysolda Avatar

    I’ve only ever seen the permission denied thing when I’m logged in with a different account, if it’s a post that’s been edited or deleted I get the blog’s page not found error.

  15. elise Avatar

    i use the keyboard shortcuts (like in gmail) of ‘j’ and ‘k’ for previous and next item. no button pushing required!

  16. Niko Avatar

    Hi, I had the same problem: The solution was to go into the reader -> Settings -> Extras and drag the “Next” button to the bookmark bar again, the new button works!

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