peacock feathers is off the needles!

Finally! More than two years since I started it, I finally got up the energy to finish it up. Of course, it still needs a good bath and blocking. Here are some “before” photos – it still looks pretty awesome, even unblocked.

peacock feathers, pre blocking

peacock feathers, pre blocking

peacock feathers, pre blocking







16 responses to “peacock feathers is off the needles!”

  1. Kate in Toronto Avatar
    Kate in Toronto

    Lovely and you get your needles back!

  2. Sue H Avatar

    Congrats on the finish!

  3. Janieb Avatar

    Unblocked lace just rocks potential. It has all the excitement of a first date ;)

  4. Erin Avatar

    ‘like’-ing this on my Google Reader just wasn’t enough…. I LOVE IT!! Just gorgeous!!

  5. enidb Avatar

    It’s beautiful, even in its unblocked state. Gives me some inspiration to finish the shawl dragging on my needles.

  6. Dina Avatar

    That is so beautiful: love the colour and the lacy pattern. I need to try my hand at lacy shawls . . .

  7. --Deb Avatar

    Congratulations! That’s one of my all-time favorite shawl patterns. So much so that I occasionally toy with knitting it a third time!

  8. Karen Avatar

    Looks great! It’s going to be a stunner, for sure. I knitted one about 5 years ago, and it’s still one of my fave projects. Can’t wait to see it blocked!

  9. monbouton Avatar

    it already looks beautiful, I’m waiting eagerly for the “after” photos!

  10. Donna Avatar

    I just got my Peacock Feathers done, but I got it blocked too this past weekend. It’s almost the same colour, too. Enjoy. It is beautiful.

  11. Norma Avatar


  12. Elizabeth Avatar

    Anyone who can make unblocked lace look this exciting is an amazing photographer (and knitter)!

  13. Knittripps Avatar

    Gorgeous! Maybe that is the motivation I need to finish up my 2 year old WIP Birch :)

  14. Maryse Avatar

    Congratulations! I also finished my 2 year old Thermal recently! Lovely color and pattern! It will be fun to block and see the change!

  15. Felicia from sweetgeorgia Avatar

    Beautiful! Congratulations on finishing! The blocking will absolutely transform it… can’t wait to see!

  16. Lauren Avatar

    Gorgeous! Are you going to have the pattern for sale? I desperately want to knit this to go with my wedding dress!

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