Thanks to all who’ve helped me destash. Still some great stuff left!

In the meanwhile, a new design and pattern:

Belle Shrug

The “Belle” shrug is a light and comfy shrug knit in one piece from cuff to cuff, with a decorative ruffled (but not *too* ruffled) lace edging. Knit with 7 skeins of Blue Sky Alpaca and Silk.

Pattern (and yarn) available from lettuce knit in Toronto – we do lots of mail order too!

These papers are killing me. Two more weeks…

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  1. weaverknits

    LOVELY!!! I’ll be calling up lettuce knit tomorrow. I’ve been following your work for some time and admire your pared-down, elegant aesthetic. Thanks!

  2. carlene

    Oh, pretty! Do you think this pattern would work knit up in the O-wool? Or is it not drapey enough? I’m dying to try it.

  3. Shannon

    Really like this! Normally shrugs are just too er short for me and leave a lot to be desired, but this is really nice. Casual yet elegant. =)

  4. jody

    very cute! i like the not *too* ruffled look too.

    does it skim the outside of the bust like in the pic, or does it come across fully if you wanted to fasten the fronts together? not sure if it’s the design or just the way the ruffles were placed for the pic.

  5. Thalia

    That is a great shrug. So many of them are either really frumpy (and I’m frumpy enough on my own) or tiny and ridiculous. This one is just right! :)

  6. may

    wow, I have to agree…I’m not a fan of ruffly ridiculous looking shrugs…. yours is just right!

  7. Dao

    Just a suggestion, did you ever wanted to put lettuce knit catalog to be available for online purchase? For those who aren’t in the area and want to browse..:D

  8. Robin

    I’d love to buy the pattern but didn’t see a way to purchase it on the site – do you know how I could buy it (hopefully by download, but if not, for shipment via postal mail?) I live in the U.S. thanks!

  9. Kristin

    That shrug is stunning. I’m going to have to make a trip into Lettuce Knits in the near future.

  10. Getting there… and wanting more — Knits

    […] When I first started knitting and I trawled the internet for knitting information – patterns, blogs, yarn – I saw Rogue and I said “I want to make that!” And there’s Eris which is really nice too (although I’d really like it to have a hood for some reason). The yarn I came across today is exactly the kind of thing these patterns call for and it’s half the price and discontinued. My fingers are really, really itching to press “Buy it now”. But I have so much yarn already and I’m trying to be good. I really would like a nice cardigan (I’m planning on knitting Cosmicpluto’s Top Down Cardi 2.0, and while it’s nice, it’ll be slightly stripey and more casual than something like Eris). And then Cosmicpluto has also recently published two other cute sweaters – Button me up and Belle Shrug – although the Shrug is apparently available from the yarn shop she works for, but their web site is a bit weird as it points to all the manufacturers and I can’t seem to actually find any information about prices and that pattern. […]

  11. Joye

    I started the “easy and top-down cardi this evening. After knitting the ribbing I continued on to “yoke”…next row k15,pm k 12…(first row). I ended up with extra sts on the end. Help! I am knitting the medium sz, so I knitted 16,12,31, and 16. I have a total of 75 knitted and 83 on my needle… 8 extra sts at the end. I realized I was supposed to end each row of the rib with a k or p, but I’m still getting extra sts. joye


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