pangs and plans

Three days into the new year and already I’m hankerin’ for some new yarn? It’s a disease, I tell ya. After finishing the Urban Aran, I’m really into Elann Highland Chunky. It’s really quite soft, especially after a wash, but still feels substantial enough to hold up to lots of wear. I’m thisclose to ordering some dark indigo or oxford grey heather. I’ve got some vouchers from buying a book from them, good for a couple bucks off a $25 yarn order (obviously that’d be no problem!). While I’m shopping, I may as well throw in some Baby Cashmere, too…hmmm…somebody stop me!

Anyway, onto some plans for projects in the new year –

1) Nordic Memories, of course – I’m working away on it, and am almost up to the cap shaping of the first sleeve.

2) Nordic Mittens, from Interweave Knits Winter 2005 – with Knitpicks Palette

3) perhaps one other chunky sweater (ie. Highland Chunky!). This one, also from Patons (I think the sweaters I like from them are from much older booklets!) is quite nice:

4) A lightly cabled cardigan out of Shelridge Farms W4 that I bought from the Kitchener-Waterloo shindig back in September. Will probably end up being self-designed, unless I see something really cool somewhere.

5) A fitted, retro-style cardigan out of the Supermerino from this post. I’ve already got a sketch and am totally excited!

6) A shawl out of handspun. More projects out of handspun, really – that or start selling some of it!

7) Always lots of socks!

I’ve got a busy knitting schedule ahead!

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8 responses to “pangs and plans”

  1. Jenn Avatar

    I know what you mean…I try to ask myself why I should be so excited about a new year, like it really makes some difference in my knitting projects (except, gives me more time for Christmas gifts, har har).

  2. Chris Avatar

    That Patons cabled sweater is really cool. Go for it!

  3. Stacey Avatar

    Which Patons booklet is that pullover out of – I LOVE it! I’m also getting some chunky to do the Urban with….just have to decide what color!

  4. colleen Avatar

    I guess that I don’t give Patons enough credit. Fabulous design.

  5. Krista Jo Avatar
    Krista Jo

    Mm, I love that pattern! It was one of the first sweaters I ever made. I did it in red, just used the cheap yarn called for, which actually has held up surprisingly well.

  6. Purly Whites Avatar

    I just finished up some stranded socks in the elann baby cashmere and they are AWESOME. I highly recommend the yarn for socks. The yarn isn’t the most substantial, but it is incredibly soft and comfy.

  7. Stacey Avatar

    Ok, you’re killing me. I have to know which pattern booklet that is from. It’s gorgeous! *smile* I just got my booklet for the Urban Aran today, swatching with commence! haha!

  8. Whit Avatar

    I can’t wait to see your FOs – you inspire me!

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