I did it again. Elann will make me broke. The price on the highland wool went down again!

I ordered…
10 balls of Highland Wool Tuscany Green (sweater)
4 balls of Coffee Bean Brown (christmas present scarf)
4 balls of Ink (legwarmers or a hat/mitten set for me)
1 52″ Denise cord
1 40″ Denise cord (now I won’t have to put cords together for magic loop!)
1 set 2.75mm Brittany double points (they’re so cheap…only $7.74)
1 set 3.75mm Brittany double points (for my sister’s socks)

Total: $103 through Paypal including shipping, although the Elann stated price was $99.95 CDN (Paypal differs slightly in the conversion).

Oy. More on actual knitting later tonight, after i do some work.






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