oooh, that’s lush

Knitting things in pieces = feeling of accomplishing something, because the back of Lush and Lacy is done!

lush and lacy back

It was pretty darn quick, especially for someone used to the slog of things knit all in one piece. Of course, just ask me how I’m feeling once I get tired and still have finishing left to do!

The yarn, which is 50% angora, 50% wool, looks really quite smooth in the skein, wound into a ball, and even as you’re knitting it. But in the handling, the halo really comes up on the finished piece! Mmm, this is going to be nice.

mmm, angora!

Things are on pause for a day or so, though, because:

uh oh.

It really isn’t as bad as it looks. I took a rather nasty (and embarrassing) spill in the snow yesterday, right on my ass. I shattered the lid of a lip balm and dented the back of my phone (LG Shine – it still works, it’s fine, but it’s also rather NEW). And apparently, I also did a bit of damage to my wrist, because I’m feeling some twinges today – like when I went to pick up a bowl out of the microwave using my left hand.

So I’m not taking any chances today, and taking it easy, since my wrists and hands are pretty much my entire livelihood. Here’s hoping it gets better fast!



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21 responses to “oooh, that’s lush”

  1. Amy Avatar

    Ah crap that sucks! Maybe you should commission some iron gauntlets or something to protect your livelihood. Or get wrist insurance.

  2. gleek Avatar

    oh no! sorry to hear about your spill :( that’s one thing i really hate about the winter. that angora really leaves a nice halo! i’m sure it will be rather lush once it’s all complete :)

  3. Carmen Avatar

    Is it just me or did you alter the pattern of Lush and Lace to cables? For whatever reason, I like your version better (maybe it’s because I can see the detail better than on the website).

  4. Dina Avatar

    Oh no! I did the same thing in December, and after a trip to the ER, a few visits to the orthopedist, and four rounds of x-rays, it was three weeks before they found the fracture. I couldn’t knit for a month because of the splint. :(

    On the plus side, I taught myself how to crochet … :)

    I hope your wrist is nothing more than a little bit of soreness, and you’re back to normal very soon!

  5. Missyecaj Avatar

    Awesome! The cabled panel looks amazing-it makes me want to knit it even more. Sorry to hear about your fall- I did that once at my old apartment. The stairs were slippery and I just went down-ego, backside and all. Hope your wrist (and the rest of you) feels better soon. :)

  6. Natalie Avatar

    Have you gone to the doctor?! Get some x-rays! I broke my wrist falling down. Only, in my case it was even more embarrassing because I just fell. But I still knit, even with the full on cast!

  7. Jennie Avatar

    Definitely keep it wrapped more often than not. I fractured mine in a tickle fight with my husband (how embarrassing is THAT) and didn’t see a doctor for six months because of a lack of health insurance and an overall bad attitude. I wasn’t knitting yet, but I was teaching ASL and I made it worse by not taking it easy. Ended up wearing a splint for three months and having a wrist that still won’t let me overtax it, especially in bad weather. Be careful! Happy thoughts for you.

  8. Nadia Lewis Avatar

    Hope you recover soon!

  9. Seanna Lea Avatar

    As much as I love winter, the fear of falling just puts such a damper on things. Hopefully your wrist will feel better soon and you will continue to be the fastest knitter ever (really, all that in just a couple of days – I’m amazed!).

  10. rachel Avatar

    Ouch! Baby that wrist and get better fast!

    Lush & Lacy is looking great, but it’ll wait for you.

  11. darlene Avatar

    so sorry to hear abt your fall. i hope you have a fast recovery. the best therapy is fondling yarn and knitting!

  12. Suzanne V. (Yarnhog) Avatar

    Oh, no! I hope it’s better soon.

    Lush looks lovely, indeed!

  13. Stacey_CrimsonPurl Avatar

    OOh Yah! Now it will be onto piecing everything together.

    Taking it easy is a very smart move!! :o)

    Hope your hand heals up quickly so you can get back to the fiber goodness!

  14. martemom Avatar

    Hi….. I’m a fairly new knitter and I found you on Ravelry. Go Asian knitters! we should have a group. :) I’m using your top down nori cardigan as my first sweater project.

    I hope your wrist gets better soon!

  15. Elizabeth Avatar

    Oh man, I hope your hand heals quickly.

    Isn’t Lush and Lacy fun to knit? I’ve just finished mine… in a rather similar color!

  16. Rachel H Avatar
    Rachel H

    Ouch, dude. My embarrasing slip and fall on Sunday at least only resulted in an equally embarrasing, but not knit-impairing injury.

  17. allison Avatar

    Good luck with the wrist! I just keep messing up my ankles by slipping all over the place in the slush and ice.
    The sweater looks really good :) Hope you get to knit again soon.

  18. Wendolene Avatar

    Ouch! Nothing’s worse (for a knitter) than a hurt wrist. Feel better soon!

  19. margaux Avatar

    that looks gorgeous!! sorry about the wrist!! heal fast :-)

  20. Silvia Avatar

    That does indeed suck as your knitting is rather lovely and will be missed, even for a brief period. That is also why I live in California – no snow outside.

  21. bluebell Avatar

    Beautiful Lush and Lacy. It really looks soft.
    but…get the wrist seen! You might have cracked a bone and not know it. Healing properly is important for a lifetime of knitting.

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