I have knitting to show! Not right now though, unfortunately…right after my exam tomorrow. It’s going to be sweet.

In the meanwhile, hopefully some of you techy-types might have a bit of insight for me. My old (G3) ibook has been exhibiting some strange behaviour.

Mysterious Computer Problem #1:
Not being assigned an IP address. Might be to do with the router rather than my computer, but weird nonetheless. I think it started happing after I did a software update (security update) but I can’t be sure. I wasn’t able to get on the internet this morning again because of it, but when I mooched off someone else’s wireless and then went back to my own, it worked.

Mysterious Computer Problem #2:
Battery gauge not working. I unplugged my computer so I could move it around the room (to mooch wireless signal) and now it seems to be stuck at 90% when clearly it should be going down. When I plug in the charger it turns orange (meaning it’s charging) but the gauge doesn’t register it being plugged in, and the charge doesn’t rise. It’s been stuck at 90% for over half an hour now.

So strange. Help?






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  1. pixie Avatar

    maybe try an OS update to see if that kicks stuff around? Rebooted I assume? I once had a dead pixel on the screen of my powerbook and a reboot fixed it, weird!

  2. Wanett Avatar

    Back up your work asap. My ibook started to act weird, same battery problems and dropped signal issues. I moved mine from it’s usual spot to get a better wireless signal and I think its been wacked since.

  3. Lisa R-R Avatar
    Lisa R-R

    Did you check at the apple website if you qualify for a replacement battery?
    Maybe yours will be replaced free.

    Otherwise there is a switch/circuit/doo-hicky that tells the computer to charge the battery, and sometimes it stops working. It can be replaced.

    If you know someone else with the same computer, they can also swap with you and charge your battery in their computer.

    good luck!

  4. carrie Avatar

    When my roommate’s boyfriend unplugs my computer to plug in his to us the internet (no hub, just a router), if I plug mine back in again without shutting down first it can’t find the IP address. If I reboot it finds it fine. I don’t know if it is a computer issue or a router issue, so I guess this doesn’t help you except to say that you’re not alone!

  5. gleek Avatar

    have you rebooted your router yet? sometimes if you do an apple update, the airport card gets updated too and then there can be some wacky issues. just last night i was getting dropped signals so i unplugged the router and plugged it back in and let it do it’s boot up thang and now i’m back in business.

    as for you battery issue, check apple’s discussion boards. perhaps other people have had this problem. it sounds like it could be software related but i’m not sure.

  6. Leigh Avatar

    Having just switched to Linux from MS Windows, I can’t be of much help. But I agree about backing everything up when things get weird. It paid off for me recently.

  7. Kiyomi Avatar

    For the battery problem, try resetting the Power Management Unit (see this website for how-tos:

    If the charger isn’t registering when it’s plugged in, then you may need a new battery.

    As for the IP problem, I agree with the other posters that you should try restarting your router.

    Good luck!

  8. jo Avatar

    My ibook battery died after about 3 1/2 years – symptoms were flaky power management – it would be at 90%, then nothing within minutes. Earlier problems with it shutting down unexpectedly were a problem with the logic board (luckily discovered a month before warranty expired). My partner also suggests you try resetting the power management unit (recommended above) – says Apple won’t look at it unless you’ve tried it.

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