one sexy knit

lace nightie, done

“Lace Nightie”

Pattern from Interweave Knits (web pattern), available here, size 29″. (yay negative ease)
Yarn: Alchemy Silken Straw in “Scarlett’s Dark Secret”, 2 skeins (with significant leftovers), 100% silk.
Needles: 3.5 mm

Finally done (okay, it was actually pretty fast). It is SO not a nightie, but I love it! It goes well over a cami for a bit of a dress up without heaviness – it only weighs maybe 60 grams. My row gauge must have been pretty off – I lengthened the body by another pattern repeat before the back bind offs, and it’s still not nearly so long as the one in Interweave’s photo.

lace nightie, again

On the Silken Straw: a wee bit tricky to knit with, because it is not a plied yarn. Instead, it’s just a bunch of threads held together with a sizing. It’s pretty easy to not catch all the threads, especially in the lace pattern, but once you get used to it, everything goes pretty smoothly. The skeins are quite large – I have maybe a little less than half a skein left!

Before blocking, the top was all scrunched up and also? tiny looking. But a good soak, a nice stretch out and although it still only measures 30″ at the bust (I’m 35″) it stretches nicely. The fact that it has such a low back probably contributes to that! The fabric is sooooo nice after blocking – crisp, but very smooth and drapey.

lace nightie, back

More, and flat, photos at my flickr. Did I mention I love it?

Happy Canada Day!



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23 responses to “one sexy knit”

  1. Cristina Avatar

    grrrrrllll….this came out soooo cute!! nice work….+ love the way your rockin it – makes me want to whip one up. i agree that it doesnt really look like a nighty…but def. something cute to dress-up a blazer or throw over a dress for a bohemian look.

  2. emily Avatar

    that looks great on you–beautiful colour too.

  3. Amy Avatar

    Long-time lurker here. It’s so beautiful! I just happen to be knitting the same thing using Jaeger Pure Silk DK in Slate, a dusty blue color. I should stop knitting while sitting in the car as a passenger in stop-and-go traffic. I’m dropping YOs everywhere. Very frustrating! Do you like the straps? I can’t decide if I want to make it as is or just plain spaghetti straps.

  4. Shorty Avatar

    I can see why you love it! It’s absolutely gorgeous. And the color is amazing.

  5. grumperina Avatar

    A truly wearable knit – awesome!

  6. adrienne Avatar

    Its beautiful!

  7. Suzanne V. (Yarnhog) Avatar

    Beautiful top! I love the color (but from your description that yarn would drive me crazy). I’d love to see that with a bare back, but I guess there’s not a bra made that would work with it. Very sexy.

  8. Knitting Mistress Avatar

    De-lurking here…. just gorgeous, you go girl! I also agree…. not looking like a nightie, but great for a night out (or a night in.. hmmmmm)

  9. Emily H. Avatar

    I love your tank. I cast this on last week with some Claudia handpainted in green.

  10. Cheryl Avatar

    Wow, it’s great! And looks so good on you!

  11. Marnie Avatar

    Ooh lala, very very nice.

    Your row gauge may not be off that much. When you use negative ease, you lose some length and if the model was smaller than the size the sample garment was knit for, it may have appeared longer than it would on someone it fit properly. Just a thought.

    Regardless, I think the piece looks very very nice.

  12. Thalia Avatar

    Wow, that came out really nicely – it’s quite pretty and I love the color you picked! WOO! SEXY! :)

  13. Becky Avatar

    This lacy thing is georgous! I might just have to make one now.

  14. yvette Avatar

    Wow. Congratualtions on the success of the nightie! My attempts were repeated disasters and I eventually threw the towel in on this one.

  15. Heather Avatar

    Love that top! I didn’t look twice when I saw it in interweave, but seeing your finished piece is beautiful and it’s now bookmarked for some future use. Thanks!

  16. Anna Avatar

    Gorgeous! It looks so good on you!

  17. Miss Muffy Avatar


    I agree about the back. My kingdom for an invisible bra!

  18. Faith Avatar

    That is a sexy little knit! Well done, mind if I link to it?

  19. patti Avatar

    love how the top turned out!!

    just wondering, did you alternate the skeins when you were knitting it?

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  22. Prunila Avatar

    I love this one and I just bought some yarn to knit one. But I don’t find the perfect color and yarn… we will see.
    (my first lace project).
    Yours is WONDERFUL!

  23. Stephanie Avatar

    Looks great! I made this once already in an emerald green cotton. Mine fits just the same as yours! I’m trying again a size up and see if it comes out more like a nightie & less like a tunic… Thanks for sharing!

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