one of those days

This morning, I dreamt that I was in a collapsing building. It was really vivid at the time, although of course I can’t recall now. I hurt my knee in the dream (more of a nightmare) and when I was in that space between actually sleeping and aware wakefulness, I felt that my knee really did hurt, there in my bed. Not that I really felt pain, but I just felt that my knee hurt. I got past the dream for a bit more dozing before I had to get up, but…that was not the greatest way to start the day.

The school thing, is taking up a lot of my time! No photos again today, because I am not home during the day – I do promise some for the weekend, though! The classes I’m taking are pretty intense, especially BIO323 – Evolution. Much more math than I was expecting, mainly stats – probabilities, figuring out expressions for genetic drift and such. We’ve so far spent three hours on probability. Aaaaand….I have two big tests and assignment due the week after Rhinebeck. Not happy about that. The assignment I can do in advance, and hopefully most of the studying, but the books? They’ll be coming with.

Things are going a wee bit sideways with my two commission projects – one is due this weekend, and I ran out of yarn last week, so ordered some more…and it isn’t here yet. I did get a notice for the post office for TWENTY DOLLARS. On four balls of Kidsilk Haze at $11 US each. Ridiculous! I will have to go pick it up before I go to work tomorrow, which sucks.

The other project is a shrug-sweater thing, and I think I’m running out of yarn. I’ll be fine on the body, but it’s the length of the sleeves I’m worried about. I’ll cast on provisionally, and do both caps, then knit down. I guess. This one’s due Monday…

And then there’s the oh, two hundred or so pages I have to read for next week! Argh!

One good thing – the pattern for the cabled alpaca sweater for lettuce knit is now done and shall be printed off tonight. It’s nice to cross something off the list. If you want one, we do lots of mail order! I’m calling it C4 – Cozy Chunky Cabled Cardi, and it uses Misti Alpaca Chunky (yummy).

ETA: Well, my photo printer’s being sucky so there won’t be any copies tomorrow. I guess I’ll just have to get to Kinko’s on the weekend. Booooo, I really wanted this to be done.



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27 responses to “one of those days”

  1. Julia Avatar

    Oh, feel better soon. School always puts people through the wringer; I’m still recovering my health and sanity. Take solace in a good trip to Rhinebeck! And the awesome finished pattern, it’s beautiful.

  2. Annarella Avatar

    Beautiful cardie, I love it! x

  3. Rachel H Avatar
    Rachel H

    Damn I love that sweater. But I’m gonna make myself seam up my Gloria cardi – you know, my stinkin’ Olympic project – first so I don’t need the pattern till next week anyway. :o)

    Will you have enough of that yarn in by then?

  4. kelly Avatar

    That sweater looks so cozy! How much of that yarn does it require?

  5. Cheri Avatar

    I feel all warm and cozy just looking at it!

  6. Leslie Avatar

    Too bad you’re such an underachiever:) Love the Misti Alpaca cardi.

  7. jenna Avatar

    The cardi is beautiful! Perfect for fall.

  8. Lori Avatar

    Beautiful! I may have to order this pattern. Love the color you used.

  9. Erica B. Avatar

    That cardi is gorgeous!

  10. Cookie Avatar

    Oh, that looks so comfy and cozy! Beautiful job!

  11. Anne Avatar

    I really love your cardigan design. It’s elegant and casual at the same time. Just my cup of tea! Found your site via Knitty. Well done on designing Serrano! It’s a very attractive pattern.

  12. Stacy Avatar

    give my regards to the Hardy-Weinburg equation… ugh…

  13. anne Avatar

    Love the sweater – great color, too.

    I have recurring fears of being in a building that’s collapsing. Not fun when I was staying with my grandmother in her 22-storey condo building. (The bigger the building, the worse my fear – keeps me awake at night when I can hear all the building’s groanings and creakings.) What an awful dream and an awful way to wake up!

  14. sweetgeorgia Avatar

    OMG. That cardi. That’s EXACTLY what I want in my wardrobe right now. I’ve just emailed Lettuce Knit to buy the pattern. You are fabulous, Laura!

  15. alison Avatar

    Things sound a little sucky, but the C4 is fab.

  16. Bee Avatar

    Hello! I stumbled cross your blog via Knitty…great pattern btw. I love this cardi design too!! Very inspiring! I’ve been inundated with work from starting a new job…it’s so crazy. I even haven’t had time to knit. Pretty sad.

  17. Melly Avatar

    I would like to purchase some of your handspun yarns- they’re lovely, but the prices are a little too high, if they were lower those babies would fly!

  18. Kirsten Avatar

    Love it! Another great pattern!

  19. […] My original plan was to wait to place the order till I had recieved payment for selling my Joy, (it will be going off to a lovely home where it will get more love than I was willing to give it) but that all went horribly pear shaped Wednesday night when I saw or more specifically felt the new sweater Laura has designed for Lettuceknit. It’s uses Misti Alpaca Chunky…it feels divoone and I was plotting how to buy the yarn for it when it dawned on me…I have an alpaca fleece that I can spin up and use for this sweater! As the fleece is white and me and that colour don’t get along AT ALL I’m going to dye it! it didn’t take me long to choose a colour: Red. I want a nice cozy red sweater! […]

  20. dennymcmillan Avatar

    It was so perfect people, I had just sewing in the last few ends (like 4) in and put it on the Judy and then in comes the designer to click for her blog. And here it is. Laura put Judy outside for a nice fall day.
    So what do you say ,I say this sweater is so not ass.

  21. Caryn Avatar

    Wow. I love the cardi!

    I really don’t need another project right now, but somehow I forsee a trip down to Lettuce Knit is in my near future. *g*

  22. diane Avatar

    Laura, C4 is lovely…hmmm, pattern and yarn will be my purchase for the week (I knew there was a reason why I did not buy anything last week)

  23. Megan Avatar

    I love love LOVE that c4 pattern, but I’m puzzled as to how one orders it– from the lettuce knits site? Or do you have to call the store…? I’ll order one as soon as I know how!

    Thanks! Keep up the beautiful work!

  24. Greeley Avatar

    I definitely love the C4. I’ve been looking for a nice pattern to use with some rowan plaid.

  25. catherine Avatar

    i don’t see the C4 pattern anywhere? can i buy it from you?

  26. Davina Avatar

    Like this sweater, but can’t find the pattern. Where is it now?

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