one of them photoless entries

Yep, not much goin’ on over here. Well, actually, I suppose a lot of knitting has been going on, just nothing really of note. Yesterday I stayed home while my family went to the CNE (that’s the Canadian National Exhibition) and knit all day long. I finished the back of the Snap Cardigan, which went really quite quickly. I’m working on the sleeves both at the same time, so while it seems pretty slow right now at least at the end I’ll have them both done! The yarn is yummy and soft, but the colour (dark dark blue) really sucks light into it. It’s a good thing the sweater’s just straight stockinette, otherwise I might be blind!

I’ve been working along on the Blueberry Jacke, but I have encountered a bit of a problem – rather than following the instructions, which have you start and end the ribbing with p2, I started and ended k2. This resulted in various other things that have needed some attention. Oh well. More on this later, maybe tomorrow.

I haven’t started that scarf for my sister yet – I’d better get on that!

Stay tuned for more interesting knitting news.






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